Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Second Chances - Part 21

As promised...enjoy

Chapter 21

Zack didn’t know where he was going and didn’t care. All he knew was that he needed to get as far from Ryan Hayes as possible. The things that man did to him…his scent, his touch, even those damn gorgeous eyes penetrated every barrier he’d erected. It scared him shitless that he could fall for someone so easily, who looked like the devil himself.

He swiped at the tears falling from his eyes with trembling hands, but more tears kept his vision blurred. Blinking rapidly, Zack started running at a full-out sprint. It felt good to run. He felt freer at that moment than he had in years, as his heart raced, shoving oxygen into his body and his lungs, exhaling it just as forcibly.

Soon his chest began to ache and his legs burned as the muscles working as one were pushed beyond its limits. It wasn’t until he reached a bench in the center of a park did he ungracefully collapse, allowing his body to rightfully scream its anger at its abuse.

Luckily the park was mostly deserted, it being a weekday and most of the Alameda’s population was either in school or working. Zack’s head fell into his shaky hands, shoulders bobbing from the deep sobs finally surfacing. He finally relented, letting out years of regret, resentment, and humiliation as his soul began its cleansing.

Zack didn’t know how long he sat there and cried. It could have been a minute, an hour, or even a day. To him, time seemed to have stopped. His body jerked in defense and a whimper escaped when an arm wrapped around his shoulder.

“Zack, it’s okay.” Charlie’s voice was calm and smooth. “It’s just me.” His arm stayed in place.
Embarrassment flushed his cheeks, though Zack doubted it could be seen over the red of exertion his run had caused. Still he was mortified to have Charlie find him such a wreck. He squeezed his eyes, willing the spout of tears to dry up, but found it difficult now that it had been opened.

Zack didn’t want to look at Charlie. He didn’t want to see the pity in his friend’s eyes. But was he going to be a coward the rest of his life? Charlie had seen him at his best and worst. Charlie, like Maria, knew all of his shortcomings and still was his friend.

Slowly Zack opened his eyes and lifted his head. Only then did Charlie remove his embrace.
“Are you alright?”

There was no pity in Charlie’s eyes. Only concern…and compassion. Much like a set of eyes he’d been gazing into earlier.

“Zack? Talk to me, buddy. You’re really scaring me.”

“How…” his voice was harsh and dry. He swallowed and cleared his throat. “How’d you know I was here?”

Charlie’s expression hardened. “Hayes called. Ryan, that is. He said that you left his place pretty upset.” He shook his head. “What in the world were you thinking, Zack? What made you go over there? The last thing you need is to be involved with anymore Hayes.”

Zack let out a tired sigh. “Don’t you think I know that?” He squeezed his eyes shut and grimaced as he straightened out his legs. Amazingly, he could still feel the heat from Ryan’s lips upon his own. He could still taste the other man in his mouth. Could still smell that deep masculine scent on him. And hated that he wanted more.

Prying his eyes open, hoping to soften his senses and the permanently embedded memory of how Ryan felt pressed against him, and met Charlie’s stare. “I went for a walk and ended up there. I don’t know why. I just needed to see him.”

“What did he do to upset you? If he threatened you or touched…”

“No!” Zack interrupted. “It wasn’t him. It was me. God!” He ran a hand through his hair, sweeping the damp strands from his face. “We were,” Zack paused. Shit, he couldn’t tell Charlie that they were making out. He’d kill Ryan for sure. Looking down at the grass, he tried to fix his near mistake. “We were just talking. He’d cut himself and I bandaged it. But then I started to panic and I ran. I couldn’t help it.”

Charlie’s hand lay on Zack’s shoulder comfortingly. “You still shouldn’t have gone over there. Especially by yourself.”

Zack nodded, knowing he was right. Charlie cursed beneath his breath.

“Don’t blame Ryan. Don’t retaliate against him for my panic. It’s not his fault I got upset.” He lifted his gaze. “Ryan is a good guy. As much as our initial instincts tell us different, he’s not like Rob. You have to believe me, Charlie. Where Rob is dark, Ryan is light. Where Rob is hateful and selfish, Ryan is kind and helpful.” Damn, Zack knew he was going too far, but like the tears he had trouble curbing, the same was for his words.

Charlie’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t know him that well, Zack. How can you say that about him?”

Zack’s heart fluttered and his stomach churned. He tried to be nonchalant in his shrug, not wanting Charlie to find out that he held a higher esteem of Ryan than he logically should. “I just do.”

“It could all be an act. Have you thought of that? Rob seduced you also with kindness at the beginning also. Then, once he got his hooks into you, he showed his true colors. Or have you already forgotten that?”

Zack stood abruptly, shaking off Charlie’s hand. He held out his casted arm. “I haven’t forgotten a single, damn thing that man did to me,” he said through clenched teeth.
Charlie stood. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“Yes you did.” Then Zack let out a defeated sigh, his shoulders slumping, his legs trembling.

“Charlie. I remember all the shit Rob put me through. I remember it whether it’s every time I look in the mirror or not. And yeah, I shouldn’t even think about anything that has to do with Ryan Hayes. But there’s something about him. He’s different than his brother. He’s…I don’t know.” He’s known pain, the same gut-wrenching, heart shattering pain as I have, he thought, but wouldn’t voice.

“Zack,” Charlie sighed and closed his eyes.

“If you can’t trust me, how can I ever trust myself? If I even want to think about getting on with my life, I have to figure out how to do that. And I need the support of my friends.”
“I don’t like you getting involved with Ryan.”

“I know. But I promise you that I won’t let what happened with Rob ever happen again. I’m breaking the cycle. And I promise to go to you and Maria if I need help.”

Charlie stared at him for several breaths before he nodded. “Come on. I’ll take you home before Maria starts to fret about you.”

Zack followed Charlie to his car feeling less burdened than he had since the abuse from Rob started. He was drawn to Ryan. Attracted to the man who looked so much like the monster he hated with all of his being. But right then, in that park, Zack vowed to himself that he would never fall victim to abuse again. He would take a stand and know he had loved ones to back him up and support him. He just wished he’d realized it and done something about it sooner.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday, Monday

Okay, hear me out. I did write the new chapter for Second Chances. I promise. However, I sent it to my dear friend who tries to keep my errors to a minumum. However, she's also an editor and was busy today. But I should have it back tomorrow, so I'll post it then.

Hope all had a good weekend. My muse has been hoping today and I should be started edits on Testing Passion this week.
Here's a pretty Monday picture to perk you up ;)

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I'm so glad it's Friday. Another week closer to the kiddies going back to school *evil laugh* However, tomorrow I also get to spend the afternoon and evening spoiling my older boys and the beautiful granddaughters they've provided me already.

Soooo, have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Second Chances - Part 20

As promised, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 20

Ryan’s knees softened to jelly and nearly gave out on him as Zack’s mouth lay against his. The last person to kiss him was Jerry…nearly two years ago. He knew it was past time to break his celibacy, but he’d never found anyone who sent his blood boiling. That was until he stepped into Zack’s life.

Knowing he had no business doing this, that he should break the kiss and kick Zack out, Ryan ignored all reason. He deepened the kiss, opening his lips and accepted Zack’s tongue. He moaned as the man’s deep male flavor invaded his taste buds. Fingers threaded through his thick hair and Ryan ached to do the same. Instead, he settled for stepping closer to Zack. His good arm slithered around Zack and pulled him until their bodies pressed together.

Too long. Yes, it had been too long since Ryan had tasted another’s desire for him. Too long since, he felt lust surging through his veins, his heart doing a pitter-patter rhythm resembling a tap dancer. His cock thickened, growing and pressed tighter into Zack’s stomach.

Damn, the man knew how to kiss, he thought as their tongues continued an erotic tango. The bandaged hand suddenly felt no pain as it slipped higher up Zack’s back until it was drowning in his thick waves of hair. His fingers curled into a fist, gripping tight to the silky mass. Breaking the kiss, gasping for much needed air, Ryan pulled Zack’s head back, baring his neck. With light nips then smooth flicks of his tongue and soft touches of his lips, Ryan trailed across Zack’s jaw and neck.

Zack groaned, the sound vibrating against Ryan’s mouth. He couldn’t get enough, his body flaring with heat and want. Too long without a warm body to tease. Too long without any male delicacy to nibble upon. Ryan felt starved even as pleasure rocketed through him. He could feel Zack’s arousal, the hard erection rubbing against his balls. He damned the material separating them, hating that they weren’t skin to skin.

“Ryan,” Zack’s voice was hoarse, strangled even.

He fought the hands trying to pull him away for the musky skin, a near growl rupturing from his throat.

“Ryan, please.” The words were now less edged, higher pitched and pleading.

Through his lust haze, Ryan realized that Zack was trying to push him away. He looked up and found fear lighting through the darkened desire filling Zack’s eyes. He abruptly pulled away, taking several steps back so that there was a significant amount of distance between them. It wasn’t until then that he’d realized he’d backed Zack against a wall.

“Jesus! I…” Ryan didn’t know what to say. His gaze slid over Zack’s heaving chest, up over the small marks he’d made, until it rested on his kiss swollen lips. Ryan squeezed his eyes closed, muttering curses. Damn him to hell for pushing Zack. The kiss had started out as soft, but Ryan had pushed the intensity of it until Zack panicked.

Zack shook his head and moved toward the door.

Ryan stepped toward him. “Zack, please.” It pained him to see Zack flinch as if he were expecting a punch. He silently called his brother every nasty name he could think of. No man or woman should react with fear from a kiss. Okay, it was extremely laced with lust, but fear shouldn’t be a factor.

Ryan held up his hand in surrender and took a couple more steps away giving Zack plenty of room to move. Crowding him wouldn’t help matters.

“I’ve shouldn’t have come.” His eyes were wide, fear gripping tightly to him.

“Stay, please, Zack. We’ll talk. I promise that’s all. I’ll stay on this side of the room.” He couldn’t let Zack leave. Not like this. Not in this state.

Zack shook his head and nearly ran to the door. He threw it open, the knob slamming into the wall making Ryan jump.

“I can’t…I’m sorry. It’s just…” Zack stopped in the doorway, not looking directly at him. Ryan saw the tears streaming down his face.

“It’s my fault.” Ryan admitted. “I pushed too far. Please, don’t leave yet. Calm down.”
Zack turned away and ran from him.

“Fuck!” Ryan went to the counter and started shifting through some papers there. It took a half a minute, but he found the business card. Picking up the phone, he called the number written on the back.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I had a wonderful weekend away as hubby and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. Several things were against us, but we made lemonade out of lemons *lol* It was really nice to get away from the computer (gasp, did I actually say that?), work, kids, friends, etc. Just him and I to renew our... well, you know *evil grin* It was quite refreshing and good for the muse. However I'll be posting the next chapter to Second Chances tomorrow. It's written, but my dear friend is going to edit it for me before I'm going to post it. Just because I'm refreshed doesn't mean that my grammer is any better *lol*

Anyway, we saw Live Free or Die Hard yesterday. Anyone else see it? What did yo think of it? I enjoyed it. Okay, I really enjoyed looking at the MAC guy the entire movie :P (Justin Long).

Tomorrow I'm taking the kiddies to see the new Harry Potter movie. No, I haven't read the books, let alone the newest one, but I do watch the movies.

I'll also be seeing The Simpsons and Skinwalkers when they come out next week. Can't wait!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hump Day

Happy Hump Day! We are half way through the week and two days away from my weekend away *whoo hoo*
Got a couple of Reluctant Hearts chapters done today! Let's hope the muse keeps working tomorrow.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

There goes my bank account

Not much going on today. Did a bunch of errands and now I'm about to start working again on Reluctant Hearts. However, I put a pretty dent in my bank account as I couldn't resist going into Books-A-Million *shhhh don't tell hubby*
I walked out with 4 new books...

For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison
Demon's Delight - antholoy(MaryJanice Davidson, Emma Holly, Vickie Taylor, Catherine Spangler)
Demon Moon by MelJean Brook
In Darkness Reborn by Alexis Morgan

Last week I also bought Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Not to mention all the ebooks I have that are waiting to be read *sigh*
Well, at least I'll have a book this coming weekend to read on the beach *G*

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Second Chances - Part 19

It's still Monday :D But first, just gotta tell you that I have officially passed to the next level of my green belt in Karate *doing happy dance*

Chapter 19

Zack lost his nerve…and nearly the contents in his stomach. What in the hell was he doing here? Surely this was just asking for more trouble. He turned from the door just as it opened, the sound of the squeaking hinges startled him.

“Zack?” Ryan’s voice was barely above a whisper, but it commanded him to turn around again.
His mouth opened to speak, only he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t even know why he was there. His gaze went to the towel Ryan had wrapped around one hand and the blood that had soaked through. Zack unconsciously reached out for his hand, taking a step closer to the doorway.

“What did you do? Is it bad? Do you need stitches?” The questions rolled out of his mouth without thought.

“What are you doing here, Zack?” Ryan pulled his hand closer to his body.

His mouth opened, closed, then opened again. He felt like a fish lying out of water, struggling for breath.

Ryan sighed, his head falling forward, chin touching his chest. He looked defeated. Zack wanted to reach out to him, to take that expression from him. It was an odd sensation. Compassion. A feeling he’d not had for a long time toward the other man that wore the same face.
“I don’t know,” Zack finally answered.

Ryan raised his head, gaze locking with Zack’s, and nodded. He took a step back, opening the door wider. Ryan didn’t ask him in, just stepped further in so he could pass over the threshold. Taking a deep breath, Zack braved the unknown and walked through.

The first thing Zack saw was the mess of shattered glass on the floor, blood mixed with the small shards. The pieces to Ryan’s injury fell into place.

“Here, let me help.” Zack looked around the small kitchen and found a broom and dustpan. Though his left arm was still in a cast, he was able to use it while Ryan’s wound from the gunshot still had his arm incapacitated and now the cut on his uninjured arm made things harder.

With great care, he picked up what was left of the photo frame and the picture it had held. Putting the two aside, Zack swept up the shards of glass.

Ryan jumped when Zack grabbed his wrist. “What are you…?”

“Let me see.” Zack slowly unwrapped the towel. There was a gash in his palm, blood trickling from the nasty wound. “Where’s your first aid kit?”

“The bathroom.”

“Come on. There’s still a piece of glass there.” Zack tightened his grip on Ryan’s wrist and started pulling him toward the bathroom. “Do you have tweezers?”

“I’m…not sure. Maybe.”

Zack didn’t allow Ryan even a second to protest. The poor man was probably in shock at his take-charge attitude. An advantage for Zack.

“Hold your hand under the faucet,” Zack instructed, turning on the cold water before digging through the cabinets and drawers, pulling out the supplies needed.

Holding Ryan’s hand up toward the light, Zack turned it one way then the other. Taking the tweezers, he carefully extracted the shard of glass.

“There, now just hold some pressure on it until I get the bandages ready.”

“Looks like you’ve done this before.” Ryan held the towel over the cut.

Zack shrugged. He opened the sterile gauze a bit clumsily, the cast hindered some of the range of motion of his wrist. “A time or two.” After two years with Rob, he’d learned first aid real quick. Of course he wasn’t about to remind Ryan of that.

It took only a couple of minutes to wrap up Ryan’s hand. “It’s going to be a bitch for a couple of days, but it should heal fine. Not deep or big enough for stitches.”

“Thanks,” Ryan withdrew his hand, holding it up in front of him. “Zack…not that I’m not grateful, but what are you doing here? How did you even know where I lived?”

Damn, he’d hoped Ryan wouldn’t ask that, but it appears as if he wasn’t about to let it drop. Wadding the trash into a ball, he exited the bathroom, the room suddenly feeling way too cramped.

Ryan followed him out not giving him an inch of space. Nope, he wasn’t going to let it drop.
Taking a deep breath, Zack met Ryan’s gaze and a shot of heat slithered to his groin, his breath halted for just a second. Damn, would the breathless feeling ever go away when he looked upon a Hayes man?

“I wish I had an answer for you, Ryan. Really, I do. I was feeling restless, tired of being inside and went for a walk. The next thing I know, I’m standing in front of your door knocking. It wasn’t intentional.” He swiped at the hair falling into his eyes. “Jesus, Ryan, the last thing I need is another Hayes in my life.”

“I’m not…”

Zack held up his hand stopping him from speaking further. “I know. If you were, you probably wouldn’t have saved me…or Charlie.” He started pacing restlessly. This wasn’t helping to calm the already chaotic emotions rolling within. “I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe I’m trying to find a way to get on with my life. To get past all the shit Rob put me through. To face my fears.”

“Are you scared of me, Zack?”

Zack stopped pacing and looked to Ryan. His gaze slid over the very fit body he was positive that hid beneath the clothing. He kept expecting the despairing chills to run his spine. The one that always slithered through whenever he looked at Rob. Instead, his body seemed to heat with attraction, unexpected lust slamming into his groin. It was surprising for it was never this strong even at the beginning of his and Rob’s relationship.

“No. I feel no fear when I’m around you.”

“Then you are looking in the wrong place to face your fear. In fact, I think you are in the worst place to be if you want to get over Rob.”

Zack’s brows dipped together in confusion.

“Look at me, Zack. REALLY, look at me. I’m nearly identical to the man who tried to kill you. Why in the hell would you even want to be reminded of that with every glance? There’s no fucking way I can even imagine why you’d want to be around me, unless you are obsessed with that man.”

Zack was speechless. Ryan was right. Being around Ryan, looking into those beautiful stormy eyes should bring back memories of pain and humiliation. Only it didn’t. That was the shocker. When he looked at Ryan, he saw compassion and…something he couldn’t identify. Longing? Loneliness? He associated little to Rob when he was around Ryan. How is that possible?

Zack’s body had a mind of its own, walked up to Ryan. Without a word, he reached up, cupped Ryan’s face in his palms, and kissed him.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I won't be around the next couple of days. Tomorrow we go to see the Yankees play TB Devil Rays (no rain out days there ;) ) and then when we get back on Friday, I test for my next level in Karate. Oh, then jet skiing on Saturday *sigh* Just thinking about it all makes me tired *lol*

Everyone have a great week!

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Second Chances - Part 18

Journey to the Dark Side is officially released! *doing happy dance*

Also, I've signed up for a Writing Challenge called Seventy Days of Sweat. By the end of the 70 days, I should have near 100,000 words written and at least 2 of my 3 projects completed *crossing fingers* I was looking for something to get me into gear with these plot bunnies that are just hanging around. Maybe this is just the thing I need :)

Okay, enough of a wait...here's the next part to Second Chances

Part 18

“Damn it all to hell!” Ryan cursed in frustration as the picture frame fell from his hands and the glass shattered. He dropped to his knees, tears blurring his vision. His good hand reached to his wounded shoulder as if the bracing motion would sooth the constant ache that had taken up residence. His entire body slumped forward toward the picture until a lone tear fell in the mist of the broken wood and glass.

“Jerry,” he breathed.

Ryan closed his eyes to block any more tears, but still he could see the picture as clearly in his mind as the day it was taken. Halloween two years before. Jerry was Zorro while he had chosen the Robin Hood costume. It was the last holiday they would celebrate together. The depth of his despair and depression drew him into his memories.

“We’re going to be late for your sister’s party if you don’t get your butt in gear.” Ryan shouted from the kitchen. “If you think I’m going to take the wrath of Lonni alone then you…” his words died when his lover stepped into the kitchen. “Holy shit,” he murmured, eyeing Jerry decked out in a Zorro costume.

“Not bad, huh?” Jerry smirked, turning in a circle so Ryan could take in the black outfit, cape flaring.

“Never bad. But damn, you look sexy,” Ryan was practically drooling. His hand twitched to grab hold of the love of his life and make mad, passionate love to him. “So fucking sexy.”

Jerry sauntered across the kitchen, his dark eyes glittering with familiar desire.

“You could pass for the real Zorro.” Ryan lifted a hand and his fingers traced Jerry’s jaw. His darker skin tone inherited from his Hispanic ancestry looked even darker next to his fairer complexion. The man was hot without the help of a costume, but the black really accented his coloring; bringing about a lustful need and a hard cock in the space of a breath.

Jerry chuckled. “And what injustice am I to save you from?” he spoke this time with a heavy Spanish accent.

Ryan looked thoughtful for a moment before a slow smile slipped onto his lips. He took Jerry’s hand and placed it on his cock that was straining uncomfortably against his tights. Yes, tights. Robin Hood wouldn’t dare to be seen without tights, right?

“The injustice of enduring a hard-on for the rest of the night.”

Even with the mask on, Ryan could tell that Jerry’s eyebrow cocked up. “Didn’t you say something about running late?”

Ryan stepped closer to Jerry. “Late?” Then their lips touched, tongues meeting for an erotic dance of desire.

“I love you, Ryan.” Jerry pulled away and their eyes locked. His hand cupped Ryan’s chin, thumb brushing over the swollen flesh. “You’ve saved my life in so many ways. I can’t imagine life without you around.”

“Never gonna happen,” Ryan protested before resuming their kissing.
A knock on the door brought Ryan out of his nostalgia. He blinked several times trying to clear the tears still pooling in his eyes. He was shocked to find blood dripping from one of his fingers and onto the shattered glass.

“Shit,” he groused, rising from the floor and grabbed a kitchen towel to wrap around the cut. The knock came again, this time not as strong. Ryan cursed again as he walked to the door.

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Release Contest - Naughty or Nice?

Hello? Is anyone out there? I know it's been awhile and I'm very sorry. The holiday and this thing called summer vacation has really messed up my entire schedule. Plus, I'm having to deal with a family issue where I'm having to go out of town (a 2-hr drive one way) once or twice a week until it's resolved. Oh, and let's not forget the housework and laundry *sigh* Some days I wish for a real job (as hubby says) that takes me away from the house. However, I'm about to get on track! So, here we go....

Tomorrow, July 9th, my Force Heatsheet, Journey to the Dark Side is released!
ISBN 1-59426-997-1

So, it's contest time. Only this time I'm doing things a little different. I'm holding 2 contests and you can enter both.
The first contest, simply (1)buy my book (it's around 13K and only $2, so it's not a long read) and (2)send me proof of purchase (part of the receipt).

The second contest consists of the reader to the answer a simple question about Journey to the Dark Side.

Who is Dante? (We know he's the serial killer, but what's his real name? Have to read the book to find out- muhahaha!)

Send all entries to contest@martyrayne.com
Also, if you send your snail mail, I'll send a little thank you gift
(yep, the post office is going to love me this month)

Prizes, you ask? The Naughty or Nice bundles.

The Nice prize (1st contest)- a pamper bundle -lotions and bath products
The Naughty prize (2nd contest) - a sexy, fun bundle from a recent trip to Spencer's and Fairvilla

Oh, and to up the fun... if you purchase At The Ege (my Valentine Themed Fetish Heatsheet - warning: it's a M/M/M book) then you are put into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate from Barnes & Noble

The contest runs from July 9th until July 31st.
Good Luck!

Serial killer Dante is targeting submissive males who frequent a fetish club, The Dark Side. Detective Monica Street is determined to end the killer’s reign on the community and needs help. Enter sexy FBI Agent Jared Keller, who has the looks and ability Monica is looking for.

And what’s the best way to catch this killer? Draw him out by playing in the world of domination and submission. Only alpha-male Jared gets more than he bargains for as he is engulfed by Mistress Monica, whippings, and the trappings of a psychotic serial killer.


"You realize there is only one bed," Jared stated as they climbed the back stairs. His experience had left him feeling drained; however, remembering the teasing she'd done all night left him aching. They were to appear as lovers and she'd done her part to perfection, easily arousing him with the slightest of touches. The small smiles when he did something right. Even the innuendos she'd spoken as if to prove they were lovers. It pissed him off realizing his body responded so readily for her. But he'd used that emotion to fuel his acts of rebellion.

Monica rolled her eyes. "Have you never had a female partner?"

"Of course I have."

"And did you not have cases that required you to share a room or a bed for an evening?" She opened the door to their room and waited for him to enter before following.

"Sure. But she wasn't wearing a leather corset," he turned on her and backed her against the closed door. "Nor did she spend the night calling me pet and being a cock tease." Jared let his coat open and pressed his body against hers, pushing his hips forward so she could feel just how hard he was.

"Jared…" His name came out in a rush of breath. Her lips parted anticipating his next move.

He didn't disappoint. He swept down and claimed the mouth that had beckoned to him all evening. The mouth he ached to have kissing his flesh. His tongue swept possessively over hers tasting the sweetness of the drinks she'd consumed earlier.

Monica's hands grabbed hold of the lapels on his jacket as she tore her mouth away from his and pulled him closer if that was possible.

"We shouldn't," she was breathless.

"No, we shouldn't," he growled in agreement, but his body didn't listen as his lips started trailing kisses down her neck, his tongue licking at the salty sweetness of her skin. Monica gasped.

"Mixing business with pleasure…" Jared started as his mouth went below her collarbone. Her hands still had a strong grip on his lapels, but his hands were plucking her breasts from the corset, his fingers steadily kneading them.

"Is bad," she groaned as she threw her head back against the door.

"Very bad," Jared admitted a second before sucking a nipple into his mouth. His tongue lapped and teased the hard peak enjoying the whimpering noise coming from her. He switched to her other breast making sure to share the pleasure equally between her two beauties.

"No piercings," he growled.

"No," she chuckled, then gasped as he nibbled on her stiff peaks.

Jared went to his knees, his mouth exploring lower on her body, his lips laying kisses on the leather of her corset. Sometime before that Monica had released his jacket and now had her fingers gripping tightly to his hair, guiding his head to where she wanted him. Between her legs.

He quickly shrugged out of the jacket then lifted his eyes to view the sight above him. Monica was leaning against the door, her head back, eyes closed, and her breasts freed from the corset. Her nipples were still stiff, their color darker from the blood he'd sucked into them. His hands smoothed down her sides, feeling the stays in the leather forcing an hourglass figure on her. He felt her intake of breath at the movement though he wasn't touching her skin. She looked like a goddess to him. He was overwhelmed at the taste of her skin and was sure its flavor was as sweet as the nectar of ambrosia. He wondered if her juices would be even sweeter.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm hoping to get Second Chances up tomorrow since a family issue took me out of town this weekend. However, I do have some news!

I'm a Featured Author at The Romance Studio Blue for July. Stop by and see my interview (yeah, it's my first, so I probably sound like a dork).

Also my July Newsletter is up with all the latest news.

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