Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Second Chances ~ Part 17

Well, the Chris Benoit death is going from bad to worse *sigh and shaking head* Such a shame.
I know, this is a day later than I said, but spent the day at Disney's Blizzard Beach yesterday and let me tell you...I'm not as young as I once was *lol* I'm still recovering from all the stair climbing and sore feet. Still trying to decide if it was worth the $40 entrance fee.
Okay, here's the next part....

Chapter 17

Zack was restless. Even strolling in the warm spring sunshine, he felt on edge. He was tired of being in the house all the time and had taken to walking in the late morning hours. The fresh air was good for him and the walks helped his healing body, strengthening him with every day that passed. Today, his arm, still encased in a cast, was throbbing.

Maria had taken the other guest room and turned it into a studio for Zack to continue with his painting. A kind and thoughtful gesture, but everything he started painted ended with a set of gray eyes staring back at him. Sometimes they were cold as steel, other times they glittered with warmth and understanding. It was frustrating beyond belief how both of the Hayes men still invaded so much of his life. Rob filled his nightmares, while Ryan fell into his daytime fantasies. Zack should have no interest in another intimate connection anytime soon, but Ryan seemed infested in his thoughts. Thoughts of Rob only brought fear.

He dreaded the day he had to appear in court. Luckily, the courts were dragging their feet, postponing each court date that kept coming up. Zack could only assume Charlie’s father had a hand in that.

Looking around, Zack was startled to find himself standing in front of an apartment building. He knew where he was. He knew who lived there. He’d overheard Charlie and his father talking the other day. It appeared Zack’s subconscious was trying to tell him something.

Ten minutes passed before Zack took the first step toward the stairs. The logical part of his brain screamed for him to stop. To turn around and run as fast as possible. But his feet didn’t listen. He took another step closer. Damn, his body.

Zack’s stomach started fluttering with nervousness when he reached the building’s front door. Once more his brain shrieked for him to stop. Instead, he watched in horror as his hand reached out and grasped the knob. It turned slowly or maybe time itself had slowed down.

The world swirled dizzily and when it cleared Zack stood before a door labeled with the number twenty-two. He took a step back, but didn’t move any further. His stomach cramped, nearly bending him over. What the hell was he doing? He shouldn’t be here. Damn it all to hell and back, he should turn tail and run as far away from Alameda as he could get and never look back.

Instead, Zack raised his hand and knocked on the door.


If his hands weren’t chained to his waist, Rob would reach out and throttle the man sitting across the table from him. His lawyer. The incompetent fool his father had sent to take care of his case. The idiot who was supposed to have gotten him out of this shit hole they call a jail. The fuckhead couldn’t even get bail.

“Mr. Reynolds,” Rob said through clenched teeth, trying to keep hold of the hot, bubbling fire brewing inside of him. “Are you telling me that my court appearance has been delayed again?”

The young man, barely out of law school, fidgeted in his chair. He looked nervous. Uncomfortably nervous. “Uh, yes, sir. I,um, got the notice first thing this morning.”

Rob’s fingers balled into fists while a string of curses fell from his lips. He knew the Sheriff had something to do with this. And his lawyer was too green to fight for him. At this rate, he’d never get out of this dump.

Mr. Reynolds stood abruptly, his eyes shifting from Rob’s face to the chains holding him on his side of the table. He was backing away slowly, briefcase in hand.

“I’ll request council with the judge and find out what the holdup is. I’ll keep you informed.”

The dimwitted lawyer disappeared in a rush. Rob pulled on the restraints and screamed. The officer at the door jumped in surprise, eyes wide and fearful. The door opened and two more officers came in.

“That bastard will pay for this.”

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