Thursday, June 07, 2007

Loads of news...

All is good with the exception of one. I won't have a new chapter for Second Chances until Monday. I'm sorry, really I am. But I finished the Christmas story I'm submitting for a Frost entry at Phaze and am in the last stage of edits before sending it off. Also, I'd volunteered to proof the Phaze Fantasies III that is coming out next month and it's taking longer than expected. Let me tell's HOT! *drool* I've got the last story to go through yet. But needless to say, that has kept me busy on top of it being Summer break and my kids are getting restless being home so much.

A Master's Love has recieved two more reviews...

4 cups from Coffee Time Romance
"Ms. Rayne wrote such a scorching and stimulating description of Kyle and Nate arousing themselves, I found myself flushed with excitement. If you love a good romance, you will thoroughly enjoy reading this one. " ~ Candy

5 roses from My Book Cravings
"Oh ladies and gents, this book was so great and I couldn't put it down. " ~ Nicole

Also, spent some time at the TTABBB group where Angela Knight was supposed to be the featured author yesterday. Unfortunately, Yahell was being a b**** and she couldn't get on. But we had a ball!

Here's the BIG news. My story, Dragon Riders: Bonded Hearts is being accepted by Loose-Id! *doing the happy dance* So, I'm doing the contracts and all the paperwork that goes with it so we can get started on it.

And the very last, I'm in the middle of doing some CEU courses in order to keep my LMT status (Licensed Massage Therapist) so that too is taking some of my time. I just love the fact that I can write some initals after my name. HEE!

My new website should also be officially opened next week, as will my MySpace (I'm so lonely there. I need friends :) )

Oh, and can I say that Laurell K Hamilton's new book, The Harlequin, is burning a hole on my desk. I'm soooo needing to read it! It's scary addicting how I am with her books when they are released. *lol* Doesn't take me long at all to get through it.

And here I thought June would be easier. *LOL* That's what I get for thinking

Do what you can and is within your grasp.

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