Friday, June 01, 2007

Another review for A Master's Love

Just recieved another review in the mail for A Master's Love. This time from FAR (Fallen Angel Reviews). I recieved 4 Angels! You can check out the review here:

Also, today I'll be posting at Sierra Dafoe's group, The Sierra Club as part of her Birthday Bash. I'll also be doing a little contest, so stop by and see what's up.

I'm also nearly done with my website. Working with my friend Tuesday to get my graphics done and then putting some final touches to it. Once it's ready, I'll announce it and do a contest for a Pamper Bundle. So keep your ears open.

Oh, one last thing. I was informed last night that I'd be a grandmother ... again!!! My daughter-in-law is pregnant again. Nearly 5 months. Hopefully we'll find out the sex of the child next week. *crossing fingers for a boy since I already have 2 granddaughters*

Listen to others. There is an important message to be heard.

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