Sunday, May 20, 2007

Review Day!

Once more, I've lagged on my posting for my blog. I'm sorry, but it is that last week and half of the school year for my children, meaning more ceremonies and the usual end of year things happening. Also, my children and I were involved in a Karate Tournament Saturday which we all did well. I got 2nd place in sparring (which I didn't sign up for but was told I was doing it when I walked into the dojang), my form, and my sparring. I was only beat in my sparring by a red belt (I'm green) *sigh* But I'll admit, she did a more complex break :)

Look at me rambling *eek* The purpose of this post is that I've recieved two (yes, TWO) reviews for my latest release, A Master's Love.

The first (and the one that had me jumping for joy) is from JERR (Just Erotic Romance Reviews) who gave me ... 5 stars!!!!!
"Ms. Rayne has a sizzling erotic romance with A Master’s Love."
As soon as I get a link, I'll post it so you can read the entire review *G*

The second review is from Night Owl Romance Book Review who gave me a 4 rating. (I would pick this one up - A Page Turner - well worth picking up)
I can't expect everyone to love my book as much as I do *wink*
"In general, it's a solid and well-written novella, worth the read, especially if you're looking for a love story between two men that will leave you with a wry smile and warm fuzzies."

I'd love to know what readers think of this story. Feel free to leave comments.

Without a purpose, nothing should be done. ~ Marcus Aurelius (Be clear in your intent)

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