Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Release Day for A Master's Love

A Master's Love is finally released!!! I'm so excited!

ISBN: 978-1-59632-459-6

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A Master's Love excerpt:

Nate Jacobs had his health, a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and a best friend to keep him grounded. What more did a Dominant need? That was what he always thought until Kyle Turner knocked on his door.

Feeling like his life was in a slump Kyle Turner decided to try something different. He went to Angel’s Heart not really knowing what to expect from a house full of Dominants, but finds more than he bargained for when he discovers himself at Nate’s mercy.

Can either man take the chance at the love that is right in front of them?

Note: This is a M/M story with a strong Domination/submissive theme and includes graphic sex scenes and bondage.

Nate trailed his knuckles across one of Kyle’s cheeks before sliding it down his neck. Kyle shivered in response. He took his time exploring Kyle’s chest and stomach. He knew his outward appearance was one of indifference, but inside his body was burning. He fought to keep from clenching his jaw, a telltale sign of how Kyle was affecting him, especially when he could see how hard Kyle’s cock was.

Nate circled back behind Kyle, his hands continuing their roaming pattern. His fingers brushed lightly over Kyle’s ass cheeks again and he was pleased to see them tighten in response. Images of how tight Kyle could really clench his ass filled his mind. The intense vision made him take a step back, removing his hands from Kyle’s body so he could gather the control that, by now, was barely hanging by a thread. After several deep breaths, Nate risked speaking.

“Did you masturbate this weekend, Kyle?”

“No, Sir.”

“Good boy. But what about wet dreams? Did you have any of those?” Nate took a step closer, keeping his body an inch away, but he knew Kyle could feel the heat blazing from him.


“Yes. Did you wake with your shorts filled with cum?” Nate asked bluntly, his mouth right next to Kyle’s ear but still not touching.

Kyle hesitated a second before answering, as if contemplating whether to tell the truth. “Yes, Sir.” His answer came out in a near whisper. His head lowered a notch before he caught himself and brought it back up to look straight ahead again.

“Do you remember the dreams that made you come?” Nate’s breath brushed over Kyle’s ear and he was rewarded with a shiver.

“Some, Sir.” Kyle’s voice was tight.

“Were they about me?”

“Yes, Sir.” Gasping.

Nate placed a hand on each of Kyle’s shoulders. Kyle tensed under the touch. “Tell me one.”

“Well…you just…” He stumbled over his words.

“Details, Kyle. Where were we?”

“Here, Sir. I was sitting on the bed waiting for you.”

“What were you wearing?” Nate’s fingers started caressing circles on Kyle’s shoulders. He could clearly hear Kyle’s breath and felt his pulse racing under his fingertips.

“Nothing.” His breath hitched. “Then you walked in.”

“What was I wearing?” Nate’s tone was deep and husky.

“Only your black leather pants.”

Nate’s hands slid down Kyle’s back and wrapped around to his abs. In one quick motion he tugged Kyle back against himself until his ass pressed roughly on Nate’s rock-hard, leather-clad bulge.

“So you like me in leather?” Nate’s voice became thick with amusement, but his body burned with desire. Every breath filled with Kyle’s scent blasted shockwaves to his cock.

“Yes, Sir.” Kyle’s voice was barely audible over his quickened breath.

“Tell me more.” One of Nate’s hands wandered down over a hip and near Kyle’s groin, where his fingers teased the hair just above the hardened length.

“You came to me.” Kyle gulped and swallowed hard. “I…I…” He stumbled over his words like his thoughts were jumbled. Nate was sure he’d heard a cuss word under his breath but said nothing of it and continued with the light caressing.

Nate let a finger brush ever so lightly across the base of Kyle’s cock to get his attention. “You what?”

“I was on my hands and knees looking up at you.” Nate watched Kyle’s fingers curl over the edge of columns, going white from the tight grip. “You unbuttoned the waistband of your pants and made me use my teeth to pull down the zipper.”

Nate smiled at the image as his other hand moved up to Kyle’s chest until it found a nipple. He gave it a pinch, making Kyle flinch and groan.

“Go on.”

“You…oh damn…” Kyle paused when Nate’s fingers started rubbing his taut nipple. Without looking, Nate knew that he had closed his eyes for a couple of seconds as he tried to gather himself to continue. “You pushed down your pants and I took it into my mouth.”

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