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Trust in your abilities.

Need I say more?
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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I hope everyone stays safe and remember to take a moment to thank a vertern and remember those who died to help give us our freedom.

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I won't be posting a new chapter to Second Chances this week. I'm sorry, but I've been gone all weekend and haven't had a chance to finish the latest chapter. Between the end of school activities last week, hubby's Dr. appointments, and attending two graduations (my son and his wife both graduated from high school *whoo hoo* but different days and they live two hours away from us), life has been hectic and my muse has been off on vacation. *eek*

I'm trying to get back on track while working on my website I'm hoping to be up and running within a couple of weeks, if not sooner *crossing fingers*

I've also just made my post over on the Slash and Burn blog. Check it out. There is a never before posted excerpt on there.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Second Chances ~ Part 14

Part 14

Zack shook his hand, trying to get the itch from his fingers. He should step away. Maybe that would slacken this urge to touch. But even as his brain told his feet to move, they stayed frozen to the floor and his gaze lingering over the still body before him.

They looked so much alike. Rob and Ryan. Yet, while Ryan slept, his body healing from its trauma, Zack could now see the differences. Ryan wore his hair a bit shorter than Rob, trimmed military style around his ears. Studying Ryan as he slept, he saw that even in sleep, Ryan held a crease between his brows instead of the almost innocent serene expression Rob wore, as if he hadn’t a care in the world.

Zack’s gaze lowered and he caught the barest glimpse of the scar on Ryan’s collarbone peaking from the hospital gown, but the long, thick scar on his arm was what drew his attention. Despite being blood, Ryan too had seen harsh reality at the hands of Rob. They were kindred spirits of sorts. Was that why Zack felt attracted to Ryan, as if he were a magnet?

Ryan shifted his body and groaned. Zack backed away, his body starting to reach for its fight or flight response. One minute he wanted to flee, the next, he felt the need to comfort and even protect Ryan. He watched as Ryan slowly came awake, scared of the confused emotions this man, who looked so much like the lover who tried to kill him, evoked within.

Ryan’s eyes fluttered open, then they quickly shut with a painful moan. Zack rushed over to the lights and turned them off then flicked on only the bathroom light. Charlie said that he’d hit his head when he fell to the ground, so it was a good bet the bright fluorescent lights hurt as much as the bullet wound to the shoulder.

“The lights are off, try again.”

Ryan’s eyes fluttered again, more cautious this time and Zack could see that he was getting his bearings.

“What happened?” Ryan’s voice was harsh, scratchy. Zack reached for the pitcher on the rolling table not far from the bed. He silently poured the cool water into the cup and carried it over to the bed. His hands trembled only slightly as he held the straw he’d put in the cup up to Ryan’s lips.

“Zack?” Confusion was clearly etched on his handsome features. Damn, why was he feeling attracted to Ryan?

“Take it a drink.”

Ryan hesitated only a moment before the straw tip slipped between his lips. Zack couldn’t take his gaze from them. It felt like a spell was being cast, drawing him closer. When Ryan released the straw and licked his lips, Zack thought a vacuum had sucked all the air from his lungs as his blood started with a not so subtle heating.

Zack clenched his jaw and forced his chest to drag in a long breath of air. Only that worsened the situation as the sent of Ryan, male and musky, permeated his nose. Silently uttering a curse, Zack backed away from the bed, his fingers clutching the plastic cup a little too tightly.

Ryan’s eyes hadn’t strayed from Zack. “What are you doing here, Zack?”

He swallowed hard, coercing his voice box to work. “Maria heard the call over the scanner. She was upset. She thought Charlie…” he paused a moment remembering how his chest had constricted when he heard the call for an ambulance. “I wouldn’t let her come alone.”

Zack glanced toward the door, suddenly feeling trapped by Ryan’s intense gaze. Why had he thought he’d be okay alone with Ryan? Oh, right. He figured he’d stay unconscious until Charlie came back. “Charlie should be back in a minute. He took Maria down to get coffee and calm her down.” He realized his feet were slowly edging toward the door.

“Thank you, Zack.”

The words halted him in his tracks. He opened his mouth to speak, but his throat closed.

“You don’t have to stay. Besides a killer headache and…” he glanced at the wrapped shoulder. “The murderous pain in my shoulder, I’ll be fine.”

Zack’s eyes widened, nearly bulging from his head. Did Ryan just use the words killer and murderous?

“Oh, shit. I’m sorry, Zack. That was sick cop humor coming out. I didn’t intend to upset you.” Ryan used his good arm and tried to sit up further in bed, but failed with a dejected cry of pain. Zack rushed forward without thought, though he too only had one good arm, the other held to chest by a sling. Zack raised the bed and helped Ryan sit up a little more.

“You didn’t upset me,” Zack confessed, once more backing away from the bed. Why couldn’t he stay away from Ryan? “Your words just surprised me after…well, after everything that’s happened lately.”

Ryan huffed. “Yeah. Well, after you work a few years in New York as a cop, you develop ways to relieve the stress. Sick humor is mine sometimes. Listen, Zack…”

Before Ryan could say anymore, Charlie walked into the room. He stopped just inside the door, his gaze going from Zack to Ryan and back to Zack.

“You’re awake.” Zack wasn’t sure how to interpret Charlie’s tone. “Thanks for keeping watch, Zack. Maria’s heading downstairs. She’s ready to go home.”

Zack nodded and started toward the door. He stopped beside Charlie and looked back at Ryan. Something deep inside of him didn’t want to leave. Not yet. But the logical part of his brain demanded it as he felt as if the walls were closing in on him again. Putting distance between him and Ryan was a good idea. But why did he feel like crying when he walked out of the room?

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Review Day!

Once more, I've lagged on my posting for my blog. I'm sorry, but it is that last week and half of the school year for my children, meaning more ceremonies and the usual end of year things happening. Also, my children and I were involved in a Karate Tournament Saturday which we all did well. I got 2nd place in sparring (which I didn't sign up for but was told I was doing it when I walked into the dojang), my form, and my sparring. I was only beat in my sparring by a red belt (I'm green) *sigh* But I'll admit, she did a more complex break :)

Look at me rambling *eek* The purpose of this post is that I've recieved two (yes, TWO) reviews for my latest release, A Master's Love.

The first (and the one that had me jumping for joy) is from JERR (Just Erotic Romance Reviews) who gave me ... 5 stars!!!!!
"Ms. Rayne has a sizzling erotic romance with A Master’s Love."
As soon as I get a link, I'll post it so you can read the entire review *G*

The second review is from Night Owl Romance Book Review who gave me a 4 rating. (I would pick this one up - A Page Turner - well worth picking up)
I can't expect everyone to love my book as much as I do *wink*
"In general, it's a solid and well-written novella, worth the read, especially if you're looking for a love story between two men that will leave you with a wry smile and warm fuzzies."

I'd love to know what readers think of this story. Feel free to leave comments.

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Chance favours the prepared mind. ~ Louis Pasteur (Prepare well and more will ultimately result)

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Second Chances ~ Part 13

Part 13

“What the hell happened?” Mulligan demanded, rushing into the hospital waiting room.
Charlie stood from the chair and faced his father.

“Are you alright, son?” Mulligan’s hands fell to Charlie’s shoulders and his gaze traveled his body searching for wounds. He knew all the blood on his uniform did nothing to ease his father’s fear.

“I’m fine, Dad.” He stepped away and ran a trembling hand through his hair. He couldn’t believe how close he’d come to… Charlie shook his head ridding himself of that thought. It hadn’t happened. Thanks to Ryan. “A few bruises from the scuffle. Nothing that won’t heal.”

“And Hayes?” Worry still etched Mulligan’s features. As Chief, Charlie understood his concern for all his employees.

“In surgery. The bullet lodged itself next to the brachial nerve. They wanted to get it out before it could shift and do some real damage.”

Mulligan exhaled, his shoulders slumping. “What happened, Charlie? Christ, this is his first day? What went wrong?”

Charlie shook his head and sat back in the chair. His head fell into his hands as guilt once again swept through him. If only… No, he wouldn’t go there. What’s done is done.

“He saved my life, Dad.”

Mulligan sat next to Charlie, his hands gently touching his shoulder as if he needed the gesture to assure himself his son was okay. Charlie in turn needed the comfort of the touch as well.

“We pulled over a speeder. He wasn’t local. We did everything by the book. When he was a little belligerent I asked him to step out of the vehicle. The man was nervous. My gut screamed that this man was trouble.”

“Was he alone?”

Charlie nodded. “Yeah. When Ryan was sure no one else was in the vehicle, he came around on the driver’s side but stayed at the trunk calling in the information I’d given him. The driver stood with his back against the vehicle as I questioned his destination, his eyes kept glancing to Ryan.”

“Not comfortable with him running his license.”

“No,” he sighed, rubbing his hands over his face. “The moment Ryan started walking toward us, his hand reached behind him. I pulled my gun, but the man was faster and before I knew it a shot rang out and I was falling to the ground. The moment I hit, Ryan rolled off of me cursing.

“My instincts took over and I was close enough to kick the man’s legs out from under him before he could get off another shot. We fought and I managed to subdue him. When I had the subject handcuffed I was able to call for an ambulance.

“The subject had warrants for his arrest for armed robbery from Arizona and Colorado.”
What Charlie didn’t tell his father was that he was also distracted and had let his guard down though his intuition told him to watch the subject. Instead, his mind kept thinking of Rob and the different ways he could kill the son of a bitch.

“Charlie!” Maria cried with panic and loud enough to wake the dead. Charlie knew it was all the blood that had her so riled up. He was ashamed to admit how glad it wasn’t his.

Before Charlie could brace himself, she flung herself into his arms, nearly toppling him over.

“Oh, my God, Charlie! Are you hurt?” She asked between a flurry of kisses to his face and her hands sliding over his body in search of wounds. “Is this blood all yours? What happened? I was so scared when I heard. Why didn’t you…”

“Maria, breath. I’m okay.” Charlie would have laughed at her, but he knew she was frantic over his well-being and she would kill him herself if he dared make fun of her concern. This was a small town. Things like this rarely happened.

He finally managed to dislodge her from him enough to keep her at arms length and catch her gaze. “How did you know I was here?”

Maria took a deep before speaking. “The scanner was left on. When I heard your voice and officer down…” Her voice trailed off and tears welled in her eyes.

He drew her into his arms, realizing not for the first time how close he’d come to being the one knocking on death’s door. At that close of range, he doubted surgery would have saved him.

“And Ryan?” Zack’s voice was soft, almost a whisper. Charlie hadn’t even realized he’d followed Maria in until he’d spoke. Charlie looked up and saw a glimpse of youth that had been lost inside the man. His fingers were clasped tightly in front of him, knuckles white and a mixture of despair and fear etched his tired expression.

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Winners and News

Okay, I know you are all waiting for the announcement of my Spring Contest. I had so many great responses and want to thank each one of you who entered. Can you guess what the main theme was? In general, just being outside. I can understand with the rough winter most of the states has had this year.

The response was more than I'd hoped for so I decided to have not one winner...but three. My children helped me decide who got what.

The Spring Bundle winner - Tammy G.

The goodie envelope winner - Jennifer K.

Winner of a choice of any of my 3 books available - Carolyn (PDF format)

I will need snail mail addresses for Tammy and Jennifer. Carolyn, I need to know which book you would like. (see books available in the side bar)

Another announcement of Good News... I am now a part of a blog called Slash and Burn and working with some great M/M authors.

I'll be posting alternating Mondays :) So stop by and see what's going on. It's a great blog.

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Author Day at REO

I have an Author's Day at REO (Romance Excerpts Only) going on now until 4 pm EST. Stop by and read my excerpts and join in my giveaways.
I'll also be posting excerpts from my upcoming Force Heatsheet - Journey to the Dark Side along with a sneek peek from Testing Passion, a book being released in October.

Remember, today is the last day to get your entry in for my Spring Contest. Good luck!

See you there.

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Second Chances ~ Part 12

I know it's late, but it's still Monday :)

Part 12

Zack turned from the window and his thoughts as Maria came into the room, bringing sunlight with her. She had a way of making him smile, even on the worst of days. He asked himself for the fiftieth time why he hadn’t trusted her sooner about Rob’s abuse. He knew she suspected, but he’d refused to talk about it, blaming any visible bruises or pain on his clumsiness.

Her eyes drifted to his newly splinted arm, her smile only faltering for a fraction of a second. The doctor wouldn’t put a cast on it because he was concerned about the wound becoming infected in the damp environment a cast would create.

“You ready to go home?”

Zack’s heart constricted at the word home. He had no home. He lived at Rob’s for the past two years and now he would be invading Maria and Charlie’s house. How had his life been reduced to this?

He forced a smile on his lips. “Anywhere but here. The food is god awful.”

Maria laughed and it sounded strained. “We are just waiting on the paperwork then. Do you need help getting dressed?”

Zack looked down at the clothes next to him on the bed. She had brought them in with her. He shook his head. “No, I think I can handle it. Just give me a few minutes.”

She leaned down and kissed his unbruised cheek. “Alright. I’ll be just outside the door. Holler if you need help.”

He watched her leave the room, the door closing softly behind her and silence pressing around him. His gaze was drawn to the window again, but his thoughts slid to a face he really didn’t want to think about. However, instead of ice cold eyes, filled with rage and disgust, the ones he pictured were soft, full of concern, and a deep sorrow. Zack had barely survived two years with Rob. How had Ryan lasted eighteen? What was it that motivated him to get up everyday and face the world knowing that you were so close to one who bore such an evil soul?

Zack sighed and closed his eyes. He’d told Ryan not to return. Not to come into his life again. So why was it that Ryan was all he could think of?


Ryan’s first day as an Alameda police officer was fairly quiet. The calls they answered had been small petty things. Charlie drove them around town, showing Ryan what had changed in the years he’d been gone and explaining the procedures. Not many were different from the ones he followed in New York.

“You don’t like me very much, do you?” Ryan finally asked as they sat on the side of the main highway looking for speeders. He wasn’t completely na├»ve. He’d discovered that Charlie was married to Maria. Which meant he was friends with Zack and was sure to hate Rob as much as his wife.

“I don’t know you,” Charlie’s tone was one of boredom, but he’d seen the way the man tensed at his question.

“No, but you are close to Zack, right? That means you know my brother. And, as usual, I’m screwed because of association.” When Charlie didn’t answer him, not even looking his way, Ryan cursed. “I’m beginning to question my sanity of coming back here.”

“Why did you come back, Hayes?” Charlie snapped.

Before Ryan could answer, he was thankful a car sped past, going twenty miles over the speed limit. Charlie flipped on the lights and siren and pulled out. Ryan felt little relief at the interruption. He’d used the excuse of coming back home to be near his father, who was having some health issues. But there was more to it. He just wasn’t ready to admit it. Especially not to a man he barely knew.

Turning his attention to the car they were pulling over, Ryan called it in as they pulled to the shoulder of the road. He gave the location, tag number, and vehicle make. When he got out, Charlie was already approaching the driver’s side, his hand on the butt of his gun. He approached on the passenger’s side, his gaze going to the tinted windows of the backseat area. He forced his attention on the task ahead, ignoring the tension between him and his ‘partner’. Getting out on his own couldn’t come soon enough.

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Spring Contest

For those of you not subscribed to my newsletter, I'm having a Spring Contest. It ends Tues night, the 8th at midnight EST.

To enter is easy. Just email me at martyrayne AT yahoo DOT com (martyrayne @ yahoo . com =without the spaces) with your favorite spring activity. Is it cleaning the house *choke* or going to a bicycle ride. Or maybe just sitting outside soaking up the warmth of the sun. I want to know :)

So far, I have some great answers. Thanks to all who have entered so far.

The prize is a nice little bundle prepared to give away that includes a beautiful blue/green wind chime, a flower shaped candle dish (with tea light candle), great smelling lotion to rid you of that dry winter skin, and a few other suprises I’m popping in the package. Who knows...maybe I'll pick two winners. Just gotta wait and see all the great responses.

Also, I'm having my first Author's Day over at REO (Romance Excerpts Only) group on Tuesday the 8th. I start at 10am EST. I'll be posting excerpts from releases and upcoming releases. I'll also be hosting a contest or two. Still figuring out the prizes, but I'll try and make them good.

See you all there.

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Coming soon...

It's story Journey to the Dark Side was picked for Phaze's Force Heatsheet. The release date is July 9th.

Serial killer Dante is targeting Submissive males who frequent a fetish club called The Dark Side. Detective Monica Street needs help catching the psycho. Enter sexy FBI Agent Jared Keller.

What’s the best way to catch a killer? Draw him out by playing in the world of domination and submission. Only Jared gets more than he bargains for as he is engulfed by Mistress Monica, spankings, and a serial killer.

It's being edited now, so once we are done I'll post some excerpts.

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Second Chances ~ Part 11

I know, I'm a day late and I'm sorry. But have you had your entire household sick, including yourself? That's what my week has been like. But finally two are back at school/work and the last one goes back to school tomorrow *sigh* I need a vacation *lol*

Part 11

“Of all the people to hire, why did you have to hire him, Dad?” Charlie Mulligan paced before his father’s desk. “There were five other candidates, surely there was one better qualified.”

“Sit down, Charlie,” the older Mulligan sighed.

“I haven’t been able to sit still since we got back,” Charlie ran his hand through his dark blonde short-cropped hair. “I still can’t believe Maria didn’t call us. I should have been here for her. For Zack. Maybe this wouldn’t…”

“Don’t, Charlie,” Mulligan interrupted. “You know as well as I that Zack has been hiding this for a long time. There was nothing we could do because he wouldn’t open up to us.”

“Damn it, Dad! We are police officers. There should have been something we could have done to prevent it. Zack doesn’t deserve this.”

“No, son, he doesn’t. But we had no proof and Rob was good with his scare tactics on Zack.” The sadness echoed what Charlie felt. “Now about Ryan. His record is exemplary with several accommodations for bravery and dedication. His old Captain had nothing but praise and hated losing him.”

“So why did he quit?” Charlie had to ask. If Ryan Hayes was so well liked, why leave?

“He wanted to come back home. Closer to his father.”

Charlie bit his tongue so he wouldn’t let out the smart-ass remark dancing on the tip of his tongue. Ryan and Rob had graduated two years ahead of him and he’d had little contact with the twins. However, there were rumors about Rob and the violence he hid behind his charming smile. It wasn’t until Zack was dating Rob and noticed the changes in his friend that he suspected the rumors were absolutely true.

“It doesn’t matter why he came back. For Zack’s sake, I’m glad he did.” Mulligan sighed and leaned back in his chair. “Now, Officer Mulligan, your temporary partner will be here any moment. The two of you will be paired for the first month until Officer Hayes gets the lay of the land and our operation procedures. You will be respectful to him and not take your personal outrage out on him. Is that understood?”

Charlie glared at his father. There were times when he hated working for him. Times like this.

“Yes, sir,” he said through clenched teeth.

Before Charlie could say any more, a knock sounded at the door.

“Come in,” Mulligan called out.

Ryan tentatively walked in.

“Good evening, Hayes,” Mulligan smiled at him.

Charlie swallowed hard, the anger he felt just looking at Ryan balled in his throat. His body was tense, fingers twitching, itching to hit the man. All he saw was Rob and what the bastard did to Zack. Charlie had stopped in at the hospital late the night before to see Zack. He was disgusted at himself for being unable to stop what had happened. Hated seeing Zack suffer as he had and being unable to prevent it.

“Chief,” Ryan gave a slight bow of his head.

“This is my son, Charlie Mulligan. He’ll be your partner and show you the ropes. I just hope being back in Alameda doesn’t bore you.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for, sir.”

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Release Day for A Master's Love

A Master's Love is finally released!!! I'm so excited!
ISBN: 978-1-59632-459-6

Also, my newsletter is out. Get the details to my Spring contest and more news at

A Master's Love excerpt:

Nate Jacobs had his health, a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and a best friend to keep him grounded. What more did a Dominant need? That was what he always thought until Kyle Turner knocked on his door.

Feeling like his life was in a slump Kyle Turner decided to try something different. He went to Angel’s Heart not really knowing what to expect from a house full of Dominants, but finds more than he bargained for when he discovers himself at Nate’s mercy.

Can either man take the chance at the love that is right in front of them?

Note: This is a M/M story with a strong Domination/submissive theme and includes graphic sex scenes and bondage.

Nate trailed his knuckles across one of Kyle’s cheeks before sliding it down his neck. Kyle shivered in response. He took his time exploring Kyle’s chest and stomach. He knew his outward appearance was one of indifference, but inside his body was burning. He fought to keep from clenching his jaw, a telltale sign of how Kyle was affecting him, especially when he could see how hard Kyle’s cock was.

Nate circled back behind Kyle, his hands continuing their roaming pattern. His fingers brushed lightly over Kyle’s ass cheeks again and he was pleased to see them tighten in response. Images of how tight Kyle could really clench his ass filled his mind. The intense vision made him take a step back, removing his hands from Kyle’s body so he could gather the control that, by now, was barely hanging by a thread. After several deep breaths, Nate risked speaking.

“Did you masturbate this weekend, Kyle?”

“No, Sir.”

“Good boy. But what about wet dreams? Did you have any of those?” Nate took a step closer, keeping his body an inch away, but he knew Kyle could feel the heat blazing from him.


“Yes. Did you wake with your shorts filled with cum?” Nate asked bluntly, his mouth right next to Kyle’s ear but still not touching.

Kyle hesitated a second before answering, as if contemplating whether to tell the truth. “Yes, Sir.” His answer came out in a near whisper. His head lowered a notch before he caught himself and brought it back up to look straight ahead again.

“Do you remember the dreams that made you come?” Nate’s breath brushed over Kyle’s ear and he was rewarded with a shiver.

“Some, Sir.” Kyle’s voice was tight.

“Were they about me?”

“Yes, Sir.” Gasping.

Nate placed a hand on each of Kyle’s shoulders. Kyle tensed under the touch. “Tell me one.”

“Well…you just…” He stumbled over his words.

“Details, Kyle. Where were we?”

“Here, Sir. I was sitting on the bed waiting for you.”

“What were you wearing?” Nate’s fingers started caressing circles on Kyle’s shoulders. He could clearly hear Kyle’s breath and felt his pulse racing under his fingertips.

“Nothing.” His breath hitched. “Then you walked in.”

“What was I wearing?” Nate’s tone was deep and husky.

“Only your black leather pants.”

Nate’s hands slid down Kyle’s back and wrapped around to his abs. In one quick motion he tugged Kyle back against himself until his ass pressed roughly on Nate’s rock-hard, leather-clad bulge.

“So you like me in leather?” Nate’s voice became thick with amusement, but his body burned with desire. Every breath filled with Kyle’s scent blasted shockwaves to his cock.

“Yes, Sir.” Kyle’s voice was barely audible over his quickened breath.

“Tell me more.” One of Nate’s hands wandered down over a hip and near Kyle’s groin, where his fingers teased the hair just above the hardened length.

“You came to me.” Kyle gulped and swallowed hard. “I…I…” He stumbled over his words like his thoughts were jumbled. Nate was sure he’d heard a cuss word under his breath but said nothing of it and continued with the light caressing.

Nate let a finger brush ever so lightly across the base of Kyle’s cock to get his attention. “You what?”

“I was on my hands and knees looking up at you.” Nate watched Kyle’s fingers curl over the edge of columns, going white from the tight grip. “You unbuttoned the waistband of your pants and made me use my teeth to pull down the zipper.”

Nate smiled at the image as his other hand moved up to Kyle’s chest until it found a nipple. He gave it a pinch, making Kyle flinch and groan.

“Go on.”

“You…oh damn…” Kyle paused when Nate’s fingers started rubbing his taut nipple. Without looking, Nate knew that he had closed his eyes for a couple of seconds as he tried to gather himself to continue. “You pushed down your pants and I took it into my mouth.”