Monday, April 30, 2007

No throwing food...

There will be no new part to Second Chances today *ducking from flying objects*. Due to getting sick with a stomach virus and then a cold two days later, along with doctoring my loving husband who gave me BOTH this past week...the illnesses really wiped me out and I spent the weekend recouping. I'm telling you, it's just no fun at all to have a huge party Friday and couldn't enjoy it OR the loads of jello shots I made for it *sigh* Perhaps, next time. Oh, and I'm nursing a sick child today also to top it all off.

However, I am currently working on the new part and promise that I'll post it either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Also, a reminder, A Master's Love is being released tomorrow at Loose-Id and my newsletter is also going out sometime tomorrow. Make sure you sign up because all the information for my Spring Contest is in it along with details on how to win a copy of A Master's Love.

Be open to other possibilites.

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