Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Into Stories about Bands?

Oh, my...I do have to tell everyone about this series I read. Yes, it took time away from what I was supposed to be doing, but it was well worth it. I've never read a series that had to do with a Band before, so when my dear friend Steph suggested I read this, I was a bit hesitant, but hey...I'll try just about anything once.

The Band is called Blue Silver. The series consists of 5 books written by 5 different authors about the same night. The plot? 20 years after the Silverettes lost their chance to see the 80's British sensation Blue Silver in concert - along with back stage passes - the five friends get their opportunity to live the dream and meet the band.

*Behind the Mask by Ellie Marvel got me started with this series. It was a well crafted story written in Arliss's POV only. The only thing that could have made this better was a little insight into Robert's (the guitarist of BS) mind. He's an intriguing character.

*Lost our Forever by Natalie J Damschroder is about Cassie and the lead singer Seth. A story about love that wasn't really lost...just misplaced for a while.

*Making Noise by Penny Dawn is about Faith, a drummer obsessed woman and Troy...the drummer to BS *lol* Guess some obsessions never waver.

*No More Pretend by Jacki King takes us into Marci's night as she has some wild adventures with the bassist, Brad. Loaded with hotness!

*Nothing Like the Sun by Megan Hart is about the last, but not least Silverette finally meeting Julian, the keyboard player. This one had me smiling at Georgie and her antatics to ensure her one night with her childhood crush. One quesiton...Can I have Julian? *lol*

All five books were written well and fall together perfectly, giving different views of several of the same scenes. The writers did a great job. Oh, and all these books are available at Amber Quill. You can purchase them individually or together as a bundle (or Pax as they call it)

I will definately be interested in reading future books about music bands if they are as well done as these. :)

Thought of the day:
He who brings is welcome ~ german proverb (make a positive gesture)

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