Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spent some time today trying to put together my website. Once I get the pages done, I just have to figure how to load it to my server *lol* I'm such a dope with a lot of this and am learning by trial and error.

Due to some medicine I've been on, I've developed a small case of insomia. It's been productive in the way of plot bunnies, however annoying when it interferes with my current projects. Soooo, what do I do? I read.

One his Knees by Beth Williamson (available at Loose-Id) is an excellent book. Let's just say that it was a good thing hubby was home last night ;-) Beth did an excellent job on this story. I highly recommend it.

*sigh* now that I've tucked ALL my boys in bed, let's see if I can't get the muse going. Only one more day until Spring Break is over *thankfully*

If dissatisfied, look to change

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