Monday, March 05, 2007

Second Chances ~ Part 4

Sorry about skipping last week. Between catching the flu the day I return from my cruise, my birthday, and company over the weekend, it just didn't work out. But I'm trying to get back on track now :)

Part 4

The cop in Ryan kicked in the moment he entered the apartment of his brother…finding him kneeling over a man, wielding a knife and blood spattered on them both. He pulled the 9mm Glock he always wore from its holster, his eyes sweeping the room, checking for other assailants.

Ryan didn’t know what was going on. Was the man on the floor an attacker? Or perhaps Rob…No, he wouldn’t think of that right now. Until he got a grasp of what was happening Ryan would do this by the book. It mattered not that it was his twin holding the knife over a bloodied body. Time honed instincts were all that matter now.

Moving closer, Ryan called out to Rob telling him to put down the knife. But it appeared as if he was in some type of trance. Not moving. Not speaking. Upon closer inspection, Ryan could see the anger and madness swirling in eyes that were identical to his own. It was a look that instigated fear in Ryan’s heart. He knew what he was dealing with now. This wasn’t the first time he’d seen this look. It was a look that instigated fear in Ryan’s heart. A look of a man pushed too far. Who had lost his control over those primal, survival urges. To eat, or be eaten.

“Drop the knife, Rob,” he repeated again when his brother had not moved a single muscle. He just stared at the growing pool of blood draining from the other man.

“Drop the fucking knife!” he screamed with force, sliding closer to Rob, his gun aimed at the head that was near identical to his. Was he going to be forced to pull the trigger? It had been years since he’d seen Rob this way. Rob had said the counseling had rid him of this. Rob was wrong.
Ryan was now right in front his twin brother, muzzle aimed for his head, finger taunt on the trigger. His entire body was rigid and straight, preparing himself for the battle he was sure to come. He didn’t dare give the body lying so still his attention or act as a distraction. He knew how dangerous Rob could be.

As expected, Rob lunged forward, knocking Ryan to the ground as the gun went spinning across the hardwood floor. An intense fight ensued, Rob fueled by anger and madness, Ryan on fear and his own sense of madness. A madness to survive and save the man that lay victim to his brother’s uncontrollable anger.

Ryan’s own cries of pain echoed around them as slice after bloodletting slice was inflicted upon his skin by the knife Rob wielded. His head was woozy, his lungs burning from the adrenaline and fear. He’d battle ten bad guys simultaneously any time instead of duking it out with his brother.

There was something inside of Rob that was unnatural. Ryan had known since they were kids. It wasn’t only the anger Rob fought to control, but violence also. Something dark, that made even his own twin brother fear him.

Ryan dipped into the last of his reserve strength and belted out a final punch. It sent Rob careening across the floor, landing unconscious.

Ryan fell to his knees. His strength depleted, but he managed to crawl toward the stilled, bloody figure. It was faint, but the man’s chest still rose and fell. The blood covered the man’s features but Ryan had a sickening feeling he knew who it was.

Pulling the cell phone from his pocket, Ryan dialed 9-1-1. His other hand clamped on the man’s arm across the slice where blood was still oozing.

“9-1-1, what is your emergency?” An anonymous voice answered.

“We need the police and an ambulance to 3418 Dowling Street.”

“Units are on the way. What is the situation?” The voice asked.

“My brother…he…he attacked someone.” Ryan covered countless crime scenes. Had seen lots worse than what lay before him, but it never got easier. He was once told, the moment it got easier to stomach, it was time to quit law enforcement. “The victim is in bad shape. There’s a deep cut on his left wrist. He’s unconscious, but I think his arm is broken too. I don’t know what other injuries he may have. There’s too much blood.”

“What about the attacker. Where is he?”

Ryan sighed giving his brother a glance. “He’s neutralized for the time.”

“Who am I talking to?” the dispatcher asked.

“Ryan Hayes.” He kept his voice calm, hiding the impatience he felt. He wasn’t sure how much longer the man would last.

“They will be there in two minutes. Please stay on the line.” The dispatcher said before she started talking to the deputy over the radio.

“Stay with me, Zack.” Ryan pleaded, looking at his brother’s lover.

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