Friday, March 30, 2007

Lazy Friday

I slept in today- the joys of kids being on spring break - however, my edits to my dragon story is done and now it's the waiting game.

I've started a Christmas story that pop in my mind. Yes, I said Christmas though it's about to be April *sigh* It's a short story, so hopefully my muse will stay focused.

Oh, and another piece of good news is that Testing Passion is being contracted!!! More news on that later.

In celebration, I spent some time reading some of the books sitting here on my computer. Let's see...I finally got to Eclipse of the Heart by Emily Veinglory(available at Loose-Id). If you like M/M shifter stories, you will enjoy this piece of work. I was fascinated by her character Mason. What a hottie, and he wasn't even the shifter *lol*

Also Seize the Hunter by Michelle M Pillow (available at Samhain). This is part of the Talons Series they have. Michelle's description of Falconia was beautiful and I absolutely fell in love with Rurik Can I have him? *lol*

And last but not least, Sierra Dafoe's newest installment to her Dragon Series. Dragon's Desire (available at Samhain). Loved it! But then, how could I not? The tale of Lara, Rand, Darrek, and now Zendar entrapped me from the first book. And what a twist at the end. Will there be more?

If you are looking for some captivating stories to read, check these out. They are worth the time.

Address misgivings before they undermine much.

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