Sunday, February 04, 2007

Today is the day!

Well, it's offically Feb 4th here on the east coast which means my book At the Edge is being released later today at Phaze. I'm so excited. Any you know what this means.... A CONTEST!

It's also Super Bowl Sunday to boot. Now, I'm not a huge football fan, and really don't care who wins the game. I just watch it for the halftime show and commercials However, my husband watches. So in honor of him and all his support as I venture into the world of published writing, I'll ask a question about his favorite team (one that didn't make it to the play offs)

I will gather all the correct answers and put them in a drawing. Send answers to The prize is a copy of At the Edge. **Remember, this is a M/M/M book**

What year did the Miami Dolphins win their last Super Bowl?
(the actual year the game was played in - It's also the same year I was born, not that you know that *lol* )

Good luck. You have until midnight EST time to send your answer

Fallen Angel Reviews has given it 4 Angels. Come see why.

NOTE: This is a M/M/M work of fiction with explicit sex scenes and bondage play.

Valentine's Day. A day for lovers. A day for romance. A day for fantasies.

Michael loves Todd, but their 2-year relationship has been rocky. Taking a break from each other, Michael goes to New York with friends. But on Valentine's night Michael learns the pleasure of living out a long secreted fantasy he'd only dreamed about, along with helping Todd fulfill his own hidden fantasy.

Join this couple as they find new heights of pleasure at the edge of ecstasy.

Michael never thought that his body could be so sensitive and responsive to the mildest of touches. The feeling of Todd's hands was familiar, soothing, but also a hundred more times erotic. He realized that without the use of his eyes and his hands bound away from his body, he had to rely on his other senses, intensifying the experience.

Todd's hands finally came close to Michael's throbbing erection. The feather light caress across his balls wrenched a whimper from Michael's throat as his hips bucked. He heard Todd's soft chuckle as he did it again. Todd was enjoying the torturous pleasure he wrought on Michael, and Michael was more than happy to know he was enjoying the experience, too.

A hand wrapped around Michael's cock, making him hiss at the heat surrounding him. His pulse raced as his blood pumped faster into his groin. His body was trembling with need, with desire. The entire incident, with Brian's treatment, Todd's surprise appearance, and the thought of acting out a long held fantasy, was overwhelming to his senses. Michael's ache for release conflicted with the need to please his lover, his Master for the night.

As Todd slowly worked Michael higher into oblivion, his mind started creating images of how his lover looked. His expression. Was Todd's breathing as rapid as his own? Was he feeling the same rush of excitement? Michael swallowed around the curses of his blindfold and the sights hidden from him.

"Damn!" Michael cried out, back arching as Todd's mouth covered his cock. Immediately the hot wetness was removed. "No, no, no," Michael pleaded.

"I said not a word, Michael." Todd's voice was cool, but Michael could almost swear that there was enjoyment behind his words. "Now I have to gag you."

Michael shook his head in protest but didn't say another word. He didn't want to be gagged again. He wanted to kiss Todd. To touch his lover. To please him.

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