Monday, February 19, 2007

Second Chances ~ Part 3

Part 3

“I should cut the shit out of your face. Maybe then your lover won’t want you when you beg for his cock. He will look at you in disgust and reject you. They all would.” Rob paused, his eyes captivated on the blade. “But then, I wouldn’t want you either.” His words thoughtful.

Rob slid the blade over Zack’s face, neck, and chest until it rested just under his balls. Zack was unable to stop the whimper escaping his throat or the trembling of his body. He’d never felt such fear before. Rob had never been this…brutal. This violent.

“No one leaves me,” Rob hissed softly. “Or cheats on me.”

Zack flinched when he twisted the knife’s blade as the sharp edge brushed over the sensitive skin. There was no pressure behind the movement so it didn’t cut through.

Rob laughed, but it held no amusement. “Maybe I should show you what happens when someone decides to cheat on me…or leave me.”

“Rob, please,” Zack begged, scared to pull away. Of what Rob would do next.

Rob lifted his free hand and caressed Zack’s lips with his fingertips. “I won’t touch this wonderfully talented mouth. Or your tight ass. But I could make sure you never had another man.”

Pure panic seized Zack. Rob was crazy. It wasn’t just verbal and physical abuse now. This was a threat to cut off a vital piece of his body. “I never cheated, Rob. I swear. I’ve been with no one but you.” His words came out as sobs as he babbled, hoping to dissuade Rob from his line of thought.

Zack felt a blow to his stomach and bent over. A blow to his head from Rob’s fist followed by two other hits to his body had him on the floor. He no longer thought about the knife that had been held at his balls, but only if he could get some air into his lungs. A hand clamped hard on his left arm and was jerked back behind his back so roughly he heard the crack of the bones breaking. He screamed in agony.

“You make me do this to you, Zack. You provoke me, taunt me, fuck around on me. I treat you like a King and all I get in return is your attitude and incompetence.” Rob hit Zack in the face with his fist. Zack fell to his back, his arm lying in an awkward position.

“You are mine. No one will love you like I do. No one will ever take care of you like I do.” Rob’s words were softer now. Zack could almost hear the love he once craved to hear from his lover.
Rob bent over Zack, ignoring the broken arm and trembling consuming him. He reached out and brushed the hair from Zack’s face and started a trail of kisses down his throat.

“Please…stop. It…it hurts.” Zack begged between sobs. His cheek was swelling along with his left eye. Pain wracked every inch of his body.

“Say you are sorry. Say that you’ll never leave me. Tell me that you are mine…always.”

Zack shook his head. He was close to passing out. Why should he apologize? Rob did this to him. Rob was the one hurting him. He needed to leave. He needed safety.

“No,” it came out barely a whisper.


The words Maria spoke the week before echoed in his battered head. He’ll kill you if you stay with him. At the time he’d thought she meant figuratively. Now he knew she meant literally.

“I hate you.” Zack coughed, blood oozing from his lips. “I’d rather die than be with you.”

“Death?” Rob asked, his anger blazing in his steel eyes. “You want death?”

Rob picks up the knife lying discarded on the floor. He holds the sharp tip to Zack’s broken arm at the wrist.

“Do you still think death is the better option?”

Zack was unable to answer as his body spasmed with pain. He wanted to wake from this nightmare, to be warm and safe in his bed. Instead he could do nothing but watch as Rob used the tip of the knife to slit his wrist. The blood welled quickly and started pouring out of his body. The darkness descended on him and he welcomed it.

But in the distance, something tried to draw him back to life. Back to the pain and blood. In the distance he heard a familiar voice.

“Drop the knife Rob.”

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