Monday, February 12, 2007

Second Chances ~ Part 2

I didn't's still Monday *lol*

Part 2

Zack’s mind screamed for him to stand up to Rob. Tell him he was finally leaving. That he was tired of the beatings and all the shit that went with this relationship. Instead, Zack cowered, taking another step back, shaking his head.

“No, Rob. I was just…”

“Liar!” he shouted, punching Zack in the gut. Zack bent over with a grunt, dropping the suitcase and bus ticket. Rob turned and walked back to the kitchen. “You know how much I hate liars, Zack. I’ve given you everything you need. I’ve made sure you wore the right clothes, met the right people, and had the best of everything. And how do you show your gratitude? You try to leave.” Rob took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Zack managed to right himself, his stomach cramping from the pain, knowing there would be a bruise the following day. He stayed silent, not knowing what to say. It was a waste of breath and energy to deny his actions. He could only hope this would be over quickly and perhaps there will be another chance to leave.

“There’s someone else.”

Zack shook his head. “No, Rob. I promise, there’s no one else.”

Rob’s steely gaze bore into Zack, as if he could find the answer inside of him.

“Strip.” The command was harsh.

Zack contemplated his options. His eyes shifted to the door. He could try to make it out, but he doubted Rob would let him get that far. Or he could do as Rob wanted and save himself a lot of trouble despite the pain he will endure.

Seeing the lesser of the evil, Zack slowly did as Rob wanted. He removed his clothing, dropping them on the floor beside him. Tears welled in his eyes, but he held them back by closing his eyes. Rob didn’t like for him to cry. Zack had learned that tears only made the beatings worse.

“You’ve been gone a lot lately,” Rob’s voice told Zack he was approaching. “You say you are with Maria, but I think you have found someone else. Is that why you are trying to leave?”

Zack squeezed his eyes tighter, trying harder to hold back the tears, his body stiffening, ready for the next blow to come.

“No…no one,” he sobbed.

“You’re probably meeting him in some cheap, dirty motel and letting him fuck your ass. My ass,” Rob growled.

“Rob…please. I swear, there’s no one else. I’ve been working on my exhibit.”

“Or have you been fucking him?” Rob continued as if Zack hadn’t spoken.

Zack gasped, feeling coolness against his cheek. His eyes popped open to find Rob holding one of the kitchen knives to his face. Panic stole his breath. Fear rooted deep in his stomach.

“Rob…” he begged. He didn’t risk shaking his head for fear of the tip actually drawing blood. The tears he’d tried so hard to hold back fell from his eyes along with any hope he had of ever escaping Rob’s abuse. But this was going farther than it ever had before. Rob never used more than his fists before. His temper violent, his actions quick before the guilt forced him to apologize. But today was different. Zack could see it in the stormy eyes before him.

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