Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day!

It's Feb 2nd...Groundhog's Day. I wonder if he will see his shadow. Usually it's all over the news, however I woke to reports of horrible t-storms and tornados in the county north of where I live. The storms are still raging across the state *sigh* and won't be cleared up until late this afternoon. Guess, we'll hear about the groundhog later.

It's also 2 days until the release of At the Edge!!!!! Make sure you stop by on Sunday. I'll be having a contest which I'll post details later :)

Everyone have a great day!

National Mental Health Week...

This week is National Mental Health Week!

You can do your part by remembering to contact at least one unstable person to show you care...

Well, my job is done...your turn *LOL*

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