Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's Wednesday...

Those who stop by will notice a change in my blog template. As much as I really like having the three column one, it kept freaking on me with every post and I couldn't keep it looking right *sigh* So, I shifted to the two column one. You will just have to scroll down for all my information.

I got another great review for At the Edge! This one from Two Lips reviews!
4.5 kisses
"At the Edge is a surprisingly unexpected tale with some intriguing plot twists.... Marty Rayne demonstrates a skillful grasp of her story elements in a tale that is easily read, and re-readable."
For full review, click here

Also, you MUST check out Sierra Dafoe's Devarian Pleasure Slave
It's a great read. Burning with hotness *drool* She did an awesome job with this story.
It's a prequel to her Devarian Series but it can be read as a stand alone book also. It's a book that is well worth the time to check out.
Note: This book contains M/M, menage, and mulitple partner sex scenes. Oh, and you may want to have a warm body near or a cold shower after reading this book

This will be the last post until Monday. I'm leaving tomorrow for a cruise to the Bahamas with hubby and friends. It's supposed to be sunny and warm

Everyone have a great weekend!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Second Chances ~ Part 3

Part 3

“I should cut the shit out of your face. Maybe then your lover won’t want you when you beg for his cock. He will look at you in disgust and reject you. They all would.” Rob paused, his eyes captivated on the blade. “But then, I wouldn’t want you either.” His words thoughtful.

Rob slid the blade over Zack’s face, neck, and chest until it rested just under his balls. Zack was unable to stop the whimper escaping his throat or the trembling of his body. He’d never felt such fear before. Rob had never been this…brutal. This violent.

“No one leaves me,” Rob hissed softly. “Or cheats on me.”

Zack flinched when he twisted the knife’s blade as the sharp edge brushed over the sensitive skin. There was no pressure behind the movement so it didn’t cut through.

Rob laughed, but it held no amusement. “Maybe I should show you what happens when someone decides to cheat on me…or leave me.”

“Rob, please,” Zack begged, scared to pull away. Of what Rob would do next.

Rob lifted his free hand and caressed Zack’s lips with his fingertips. “I won’t touch this wonderfully talented mouth. Or your tight ass. But I could make sure you never had another man.”

Pure panic seized Zack. Rob was crazy. It wasn’t just verbal and physical abuse now. This was a threat to cut off a vital piece of his body. “I never cheated, Rob. I swear. I’ve been with no one but you.” His words came out as sobs as he babbled, hoping to dissuade Rob from his line of thought.

Zack felt a blow to his stomach and bent over. A blow to his head from Rob’s fist followed by two other hits to his body had him on the floor. He no longer thought about the knife that had been held at his balls, but only if he could get some air into his lungs. A hand clamped hard on his left arm and was jerked back behind his back so roughly he heard the crack of the bones breaking. He screamed in agony.

“You make me do this to you, Zack. You provoke me, taunt me, fuck around on me. I treat you like a King and all I get in return is your attitude and incompetence.” Rob hit Zack in the face with his fist. Zack fell to his back, his arm lying in an awkward position.

“You are mine. No one will love you like I do. No one will ever take care of you like I do.” Rob’s words were softer now. Zack could almost hear the love he once craved to hear from his lover.
Rob bent over Zack, ignoring the broken arm and trembling consuming him. He reached out and brushed the hair from Zack’s face and started a trail of kisses down his throat.

“Please…stop. It…it hurts.” Zack begged between sobs. His cheek was swelling along with his left eye. Pain wracked every inch of his body.

“Say you are sorry. Say that you’ll never leave me. Tell me that you are mine…always.”

Zack shook his head. He was close to passing out. Why should he apologize? Rob did this to him. Rob was the one hurting him. He needed to leave. He needed safety.

“No,” it came out barely a whisper.


The words Maria spoke the week before echoed in his battered head. He’ll kill you if you stay with him. At the time he’d thought she meant figuratively. Now he knew she meant literally.

“I hate you.” Zack coughed, blood oozing from his lips. “I’d rather die than be with you.”

“Death?” Rob asked, his anger blazing in his steel eyes. “You want death?”

Rob picks up the knife lying discarded on the floor. He holds the sharp tip to Zack’s broken arm at the wrist.

“Do you still think death is the better option?”

Zack was unable to answer as his body spasmed with pain. He wanted to wake from this nightmare, to be warm and safe in his bed. Instead he could do nothing but watch as Rob used the tip of the knife to slit his wrist. The blood welled quickly and started pouring out of his body. The darkness descended on him and he welcomed it.

But in the distance, something tried to draw him back to life. Back to the pain and blood. In the distance he heard a familiar voice.

“Drop the knife Rob.”

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Well, I'm just waiting on the final okay for my edits to A Master's Love and then it's all good to go *sigh* The book will be out late April/early May :) I'm excited.

Who Says Three's a Crowd got rejected HOWEVER...the publisher is interested in it. I've just got to do a little revamping (add more sex scene :P ) then I can resubmit it. I'll start on that during my cruise. What better atmosphere than a cruise to add spice to a story.

I'm on chapter 18 of 22 chapters for my dragon story. I have to have it finished and looking to send it off by Thursday (the day I leave for my cruise) however, my laptop is about caput *grrrr* And I still don't have a title nor have I written the synopsis or blurb. The deadline isn't until March 2 (my birthday of all days) so I've still got a little time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be busy writing the next two days

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post V-day...

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day. It wasn't my best, but I got to spend time with my honey and kids, so no complaints. I didn't want to go out last night because all the restaurants are packed and it's a hassle, so we hubby and I are going out on a date tomorrow night. *g*

Sorry about not posting as much as I wanted to. I'm trying hard to get my dragon story done in time for my deadline and A Master's Love edits are due in 5 days. Did I mention I'm going on a cruise next week too? Needless to say, I've been swamped *sigh* But March is around the corner and things should get back to normal :) (I'm hoping)

sorry about the right column being down at the bottom again *banging head on table* I must have put something too big on my last post making it go all haywire again *sigh* I'll fix it when I can

Monday, February 12, 2007

Second Chances ~ Part 2

I didn't's still Monday *lol*

Part 2

Zack’s mind screamed for him to stand up to Rob. Tell him he was finally leaving. That he was tired of the beatings and all the shit that went with this relationship. Instead, Zack cowered, taking another step back, shaking his head.

“No, Rob. I was just…”

“Liar!” he shouted, punching Zack in the gut. Zack bent over with a grunt, dropping the suitcase and bus ticket. Rob turned and walked back to the kitchen. “You know how much I hate liars, Zack. I’ve given you everything you need. I’ve made sure you wore the right clothes, met the right people, and had the best of everything. And how do you show your gratitude? You try to leave.” Rob took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Zack managed to right himself, his stomach cramping from the pain, knowing there would be a bruise the following day. He stayed silent, not knowing what to say. It was a waste of breath and energy to deny his actions. He could only hope this would be over quickly and perhaps there will be another chance to leave.

“There’s someone else.”

Zack shook his head. “No, Rob. I promise, there’s no one else.”

Rob’s steely gaze bore into Zack, as if he could find the answer inside of him.

“Strip.” The command was harsh.

Zack contemplated his options. His eyes shifted to the door. He could try to make it out, but he doubted Rob would let him get that far. Or he could do as Rob wanted and save himself a lot of trouble despite the pain he will endure.

Seeing the lesser of the evil, Zack slowly did as Rob wanted. He removed his clothing, dropping them on the floor beside him. Tears welled in his eyes, but he held them back by closing his eyes. Rob didn’t like for him to cry. Zack had learned that tears only made the beatings worse.

“You’ve been gone a lot lately,” Rob’s voice told Zack he was approaching. “You say you are with Maria, but I think you have found someone else. Is that why you are trying to leave?”

Zack squeezed his eyes tighter, trying harder to hold back the tears, his body stiffening, ready for the next blow to come.

“No…no one,” he sobbed.

“You’re probably meeting him in some cheap, dirty motel and letting him fuck your ass. My ass,” Rob growled.

“Rob…please. I swear, there’s no one else. I’ve been working on my exhibit.”

“Or have you been fucking him?” Rob continued as if Zack hadn’t spoken.

Zack gasped, feeling coolness against his cheek. His eyes popped open to find Rob holding one of the kitchen knives to his face. Panic stole his breath. Fear rooted deep in his stomach.

“Rob…” he begged. He didn’t risk shaking his head for fear of the tip actually drawing blood. The tears he’d tried so hard to hold back fell from his eyes along with any hope he had of ever escaping Rob’s abuse. But this was going farther than it ever had before. Rob never used more than his fists before. His temper violent, his actions quick before the guilt forced him to apologize. But today was different. Zack could see it in the stormy eyes before him.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Phaze Fetish Chat Tonight

Join myself and several Phaze authors tonight at Romance Divas (pm EST as we talk about the Fetish Heatsheets that are being released throughout February.

You do have to be registered for the site first. Go through the forum to get to the chatroom. Then click the link that says "Live Chat" at the top of the screen.

Hope to see you there

A teacher asked her class, "What do you want out of life?"
A little girl in the back row raised her hand and said, "All I want outof life is four little animals."
The teacher asked, "Really and what four little animals would that besugar?"
The little girl said, "A mink on my back, a jaguar in my garage, a tigerin my bed and of course, I'll need a jackass to pay for all of it."
The teacher fainted.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Second Chances ~ Part 1

Part 1

Zack leaned against the bathroom sink and saw a stranger looking back at him. He no longer saw the ambitious, spirited youth he had been two years before. A frightened, nearly broken man stood before the mirror now. He took note of the tiny scars he’d earned during his time with Rob. The last remnant of his most recent bruise still lingered on his cheek. That was for burning the bread at dinner several nights ago.

Zack sighed, running a hand through his long, mused hair. He never dreamed his life would be like this. When he met Rob, he’d had such high hopes and grand dreams of how he would live his life. At the age of nineteen, Zack was already a successful artist. His paintings selling for hundreds of dollars each.

Then he met Rob Howell and his world changed. Zack fell for Rob’s boyish charms and good looks immediately. Being raised by an alcoholic father and ignored most of his life, Zack lavished in the attention Rob gave him. It wasn’t long before Zack fell in love with Rob.

Zack glanced at his watch and knew his time was running short. He grabbed the few things from the bathroom counter and placed them in his suitcase. The suitcase that would hold his most prized possessions.

With trembling hands, Zack placed his favorite brushes on top of his clothes before closing the lid and zipping it closed as he was trying to close this part of his life. He would be starting new. A new city. A new life…without Rob.

His heart was pounding hard in his chest as he picked up the suitcase in one hand and a bus ticket in the other. His legs were shaking but he forced himself to walk toward the door. This was it. Time to leave. Time to move on. Only when he reached his destination would he contact his best friend, Maria.

Before Zack could reach the door, it opened. Zack’s heart stopped, his body froze where he stood. Terror ripped through him paralyzing him. This couldn’t be happening, he thought. It’s too early.

Rob walked in smiling, a bag of groceries in one hand and a fresh bouquet of flowers in the other. He stopped just inside the door and his smile fell.

“Zack? What’s going on?” His eyes went to the suitcase in Zack’s hand.

Zack opened his mouth, but words failed him.

“Where are you going Zack?” Rob’s voice was low and calm.

Zack knew that tone. Rob was angry. The gray of Rob’s eyes went flat and cold. He knew exactly what Zack was planning.

Zack stepped back on insctinct. “Rob,” he whimpered, the guilt of trying to leave consuming him.

Rob calmly walked into the kitchen and laid the bag and flowers on the counter. Zack knew he should just walk out the door now, but he couldn’t get his body to cooperate with his common sense.

“Were you trying to leave me?” Rob was surprisingly quiet as he walked toward Zack.

And the winner is...

A special thanks to all who participated in my release contest. I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. Was that a great game or what? I thought what made it so interesting was that neither team could keep hold of the ball. I don't recall ever seeing so many fumbles in one game.

Okay, now to the winner...
Congrats to Deb Frischkorn!

The game was played Jan. 13, 1974 vs. the Minnesota Vickings
Score: Miami: 24 Minnesota: 7

I hope you enjoy the book!

Make sure you keep tuned everyone. I have a Valentine's Day contest coming and will be doing several chats this week where I'll be giving away goodies.

Stop by Dark Ice Goddess Musings today and check out my interview and excerpts.

I'll be participating at Bianca D'arc's release chat tomorrow afternoon where I'll be giving away some goodies. The D'arc Side

See you there!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Today is the day!

Well, it's offically Feb 4th here on the east coast which means my book At the Edge is being released later today at Phaze. I'm so excited. Any you know what this means.... A CONTEST!

It's also Super Bowl Sunday to boot. Now, I'm not a huge football fan, and really don't care who wins the game. I just watch it for the halftime show and commercials However, my husband watches. So in honor of him and all his support as I venture into the world of published writing, I'll ask a question about his favorite team (one that didn't make it to the play offs)

I will gather all the correct answers and put them in a drawing. Send answers to The prize is a copy of At the Edge. **Remember, this is a M/M/M book**

What year did the Miami Dolphins win their last Super Bowl?
(the actual year the game was played in - It's also the same year I was born, not that you know that *lol* )

Good luck. You have until midnight EST time to send your answer

Fallen Angel Reviews has given it 4 Angels. Come see why.

NOTE: This is a M/M/M work of fiction with explicit sex scenes and bondage play.

Valentine's Day. A day for lovers. A day for romance. A day for fantasies.

Michael loves Todd, but their 2-year relationship has been rocky. Taking a break from each other, Michael goes to New York with friends. But on Valentine's night Michael learns the pleasure of living out a long secreted fantasy he'd only dreamed about, along with helping Todd fulfill his own hidden fantasy.

Join this couple as they find new heights of pleasure at the edge of ecstasy.

Michael never thought that his body could be so sensitive and responsive to the mildest of touches. The feeling of Todd's hands was familiar, soothing, but also a hundred more times erotic. He realized that without the use of his eyes and his hands bound away from his body, he had to rely on his other senses, intensifying the experience.

Todd's hands finally came close to Michael's throbbing erection. The feather light caress across his balls wrenched a whimper from Michael's throat as his hips bucked. He heard Todd's soft chuckle as he did it again. Todd was enjoying the torturous pleasure he wrought on Michael, and Michael was more than happy to know he was enjoying the experience, too.

A hand wrapped around Michael's cock, making him hiss at the heat surrounding him. His pulse raced as his blood pumped faster into his groin. His body was trembling with need, with desire. The entire incident, with Brian's treatment, Todd's surprise appearance, and the thought of acting out a long held fantasy, was overwhelming to his senses. Michael's ache for release conflicted with the need to please his lover, his Master for the night.

As Todd slowly worked Michael higher into oblivion, his mind started creating images of how his lover looked. His expression. Was Todd's breathing as rapid as his own? Was he feeling the same rush of excitement? Michael swallowed around the curses of his blindfold and the sights hidden from him.

"Damn!" Michael cried out, back arching as Todd's mouth covered his cock. Immediately the hot wetness was removed. "No, no, no," Michael pleaded.

"I said not a word, Michael." Todd's voice was cool, but Michael could almost swear that there was enjoyment behind his words. "Now I have to gag you."

Michael shook his head in protest but didn't say another word. He didn't want to be gagged again. He wanted to kiss Todd. To touch his lover. To please him.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day!

It's Feb 2nd...Groundhog's Day. I wonder if he will see his shadow. Usually it's all over the news, however I woke to reports of horrible t-storms and tornados in the county north of where I live. The storms are still raging across the state *sigh* and won't be cleared up until late this afternoon. Guess, we'll hear about the groundhog later.

It's also 2 days until the release of At the Edge!!!!! Make sure you stop by on Sunday. I'll be having a contest which I'll post details later :)

Everyone have a great day!

National Mental Health Week...

This week is National Mental Health Week!

You can do your part by remembering to contact at least one unstable person to show you care...

Well, my job is done...your turn *LOL*