Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trio of Tales Cover

It's here! The cover for Trio of Tales is here! And ML Benton did an Awesome job! Thanks

With this great news, let's get on to an excerpt. Remeber, Trio of Tales comes out this Friday, the 19th from Forbidden Publications .


From "What's in a name?"

The woman went to Tristan. With the lightest touch, she laid her hand against his cheek. “You surrendered yourself to me. This is your home, not a prison. You will be safe from harm here.”
He pulled away from her touch as he felt his agitation calm. He wanted to feel his anger. It was something he could take hold of, something that was his and not enchanted.

“Don’t touch me. Just leave me be. Go away.”

“I can’t.” She shook her head, a little confused at his reaction. Had he not willingly given his oath to her? She had saved him from a cruel fate. Did he think that she would just leave when he said? “You are my responsibility. I must care for you.”

Tristan looked at her and saw the irritation that flared in her eyes. The emotion made her eyes shine brightly, the colors nearly twinkling. He saw a glimpse of fire within her and was drawn to it. His eyes lowered to her lips and found that there was a most beguiling curve to their lusciousness. He jerked his eyes away and turned his back to her to stare at the fire.

He heard her sigh before she called his name. He fought the urge to turn and go to her. She said his name again, this time with a firm and commanding tone. His body responded before he could fight it, turning back to her against his will. His breath caught as he looked upon her unclothed body. She was seated on the couch.

“On your hands and knees Tristan.” She commanded in the same authoritative tone that made his body do her will. “Now, crawl to me and kneel.”

His body responded to her commands, no matter how his muscles fought it. He found himself kneeling before her but his anger was escalating.

“What have you done to me?” he growled at her savagely. He realized that his body…no his will, was no longer his own.

“I have done nothing. It was you who gave yourself to me. By surrendering yourself you have given all to me, including your body to do with as I please.”

Her eyes met his, loving the fire anger brought to him. His body was rigid and she could see his muscles twitching in revolt. He looked so alive at that moment, and she felt his emotions bursting inside of her as if they were her own.

The dark haired vixen slid off the couch and kneeled before Tristan. She leaned forward and let her lips give his a gentle caress. He was surprised when his lips responded to her touch. She deepened the kiss as he opened his mouth fully to her, reveling in her sweet taste. At that moment, he was unsure if his actions were caused by what she wanted or what he really wanted to do. Thinking of it only confused him more.

He felt her hands travel his body, her fingers brushing over his strained muscles. Her mouth pulled away only to start laying kisses under his earlobe. Tristan tried to ignore her touch and lips as he gasped for breath. He tried to turn his mind to a matter of distraction but failed as his mind brought forth images of her eyes, lips, and body. In spite of her tricking him and his hostile attitude toward her, he couldn’t deny the desire that surged within his body. From the first moment he’d seen her, he had wanted her.

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