Sunday, January 28, 2007

My FIRST Review...

And I'm so pumped. It's been a busy weekend with my family so my computer time has been almost nil...however, when I did get to look, I found a review for At the Edge waiting for me. BUT, since this was my first review...I was very nervous. It took me nearly five minutes before I could look at it. Has this happened to anyone else out there? *lol*

Fallen Angels Review has given me 4 angels for At the Edge, a yet to be released book from Phaze.

Ms. Rayne has taken the world of BDSM and added a new light to it for her readers. The characters in the story are well written and flow well together. The plot line was unique and comes as a complete surprise to both the characters and the reader.... Thanks go to Ms. Rayne for a delightful read.

But don't worry, you only have to wait exactly one week before it's available. I'll also be having a contest on Feb 4th for the release. Haven't decided quite yet what to do, but I'm sure I'll figure it out sometime tomorrow :)

Here's the link to the full review:
FAR Review

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