Friday, January 26, 2007

It's Friday

I know...I've been bad this week by not doing any posting. Please forgive me, those who actually stop by *lol*

Another countdown begins...At The Edge is being released Feb 4th. 9 days from now!!!
So I guess that means I need to come up with a good contest, huh?
Anyone with suggestions for a contest, feel free to leave comments.
I'm in fact doing several contests for the month of February. It is the month of love, right? So make sure you check back here for details.

Also, this weekend I will start my Free Read called Second Chances. I'm wanting to post a chapter a week, but we'll see how my other projects are going.

I know there are several chats and other fun things going on this month, but I'll post those dates next week (once I find where I wrote them -and I thought I was getting organized :S )

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