Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hump Day

*LOL* I always liked that saying for Wednesday :)

Good morning! Just dropping by to let you know that I will starting a free read here on my blog come the end of January. It was a story I wrote with a good friend, StormBear. She's given me permission to redo it and use it as a free read just for those of you who come by. It's called "Second Chances".

I will warn you however that it is a M/M story and there are graphic descriptions of abuse and of course sex ;). It's a story of how a man can heal old scars despite falling for another who looks just like his abusive lover (yes, it's a twin story). But I'll have more on that later. I'm also going to actually dust off the photoshop and make my own cover for it.

Everyone have a great day...

9 days until Trio of Tales release

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