Sunday, January 21, 2007

Final day of Trio of Contests

Once again, I had a great turn out for day 2 of my Trio of Contests. Thank you to all who have taken the time to stop by and answer my questions. I hope you all have enjoyed my excerpts.

The winner for day 2 is...

Congrats! (I sent you an email)

Ok, on to my last question. This one may be a bit harder. The prize is a goodie bag I've put together.

The last tale in my book, Trio of Tales, is the rewrittten version of what fairy tale?
**hint: Read the blurb carefully. I've left hints**
My Books
**extra hint: We don't find out her name until the end**

Let's see who can figure it out

Thank you again to all who took a few minutes out of your weekend to stop by and help me celebrate the release of my first book. And make sure you check back on occassion. I have another book coming out in two weeks and have several contests planned between the release date and Valentine's day.

I will also start my free read by the 29th, Second Chances.
Zack has been abused by his lover, Rob, and when he thinks life can‘t get any better…he meets Rob‘s twin brother Ryan. But can he see past the face that haunts his nightmares and heal enough to accept real love?

PS...can anyone tell me why my right sidebar is suddenly at the left bottom of the blog? Or is it just on MY computer screen? UGH!

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