Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2 days until release...

After a week of blood, sweat, and tears ;) I've finished Journey to the Dark Side *doing happy dance* It's 12,182 words. Let's just hope Phaze is ok with it being a little over the 12K limit.

Here's another excerpt from Trio of Tales: Erotically Ever After.

From Cynderella...

Cyn’s lips parted in surprise as this magnificent creature who stood naked before her. Never had she seen a man completely without clothing, so to see this strange man, his long length hanging between his legs, sent a shudder through her body.

“Who are you?” Trevor asked gruffly, crossing his arms over his chest, not at all trying to conceal his nakedness.

Cyn’s mouth opened to speak but the words died in her throat. His masculine beauty had rendered her speechless. She tried again, seeing the impatience in his eyes. She didn’t want him to throw her out before she could say a word.

“I’m Cynderella,” she answered, hoping her voice didn’t sound too squeaky.

“And why is it that you are laying upon my bed?” His voice was cold even as his eyes wandered her exposed body.

“I’m here to pleasure you, m’lord.” Cyn sat up and gave what she hoped was a gentle yet sexy smile. Though she had her doubts that she could actually go through with this, she was not about to give up her one chance to fulfill a fantasy. No, she wouldn’t give up too quickly, no matter the distrust that shined in his eyes.

Trevor stepped closer, his arms lowering to his sides. “What makes you think I need pleasure on this night?” His voice had softened seeing her smile.

“All men crave pleasure, m’lord. But from the way you made your entrance, I feel you are in great need of release.” Cyn’s voice was as smooth as silk as she slipped into the role of a seductress. She practically purred at him and was surprised at how natural this suddenly felt. Could this really be her saying these things?

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Joye said...

TRIO OF TALES sounds like a really good book. I like the cover too. Can't wait to read.