Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another weekend gone

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was very family oriented...oh, and I actually took a few hours and did most of my Christmas shopping. How about you? Have you even started? Or are you one of those who are finished in July? (Never could figure how to do that when I never know what the kids will want 5 months later - their wants change by the day) Well, all I need to get is a few gift certificates and sit down the week and send out cards (I'm way behind this year)

I had hoped to get more writing done, my poor twin story is begging me to work, but time comes first *sigh* And who knows if my "Finding Destiny" will be completed by its deadline *banging head on table*

Don't contest is still going this entire week. Leave your answer to my question here and sign my guestbook at my site.

Here's another Christmas chuckle...

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Beth said...

I feel overwhelmed right now I've started shopping but I never seem to have enough time.