Monday, December 18, 2006

12 Days of Kissmas at Loose-Id

At Loose Id, we revere all traditions equally, and we wish you each the verybest and most joyful holiday season and new year. But Ids love kisses, so when we sat down to chat with Loowis and Looseyabout Holiday promotions for this year, neither batted an eyelash beforechorusing The Twelve Days of Kissmas.
Our marketing department groaned at the terrible pun, and at the prospect ofcoming up with twelve full days of holiday gifts for our readers, but Loowisand Loosey would not be swayed. The Twelve Days of Kissmas it was.
So, starting December 13 and running through December 24th, Loose Id will berunning 12 special promotions for you. Every day, there'll be special "kiss"excerpts on our Idbits mailing list, and here is a tentative schedule of our12 Days events (sales details subject to change without notice).
December 13: Beginning midday and running through the "What I Really Wantedfor Christmas Sale", 2007 VIP Club memberships will be available at 2006 VIPClub prices.
December 14: A limited number of each of Loose Id's print titles will becomeavailable for sale off the website. Beginning this day and running throughthe end of the 12 Days promotion, print books purchased off our website willbe 5% off.
December 15: Barbara Karmazin and Rachel Bo's stories from last year'sRated: X-mas will be re-released as individual titles. To celebrate, all ofLoose Id's holiday titles will be 5% off starting the 15th and runningthrough the 12 Days promotion.
December 16: Beginning the 16th and running through the end of the 12 Dayspromotion, all LGBT titles will be 5% off, and buyers will be given links tospecial sensual Christmas art by artists Jet Mykles and Anne Cain.
December 17: The second classics title will be released, a combined editionof Cyndi Friberg's reader-favorite Dream Warriors 1-3. To celebrate, all ofLoose Id's series titles will be 5% off starting the 17th and runningthrough the 12 Days promotion.
December 18: Loose Id will release the first of a very special series ofStocking Stuffers, erotic interludes set in some of your favorite worlds:"The Christmas Tree Bargain," by J.L. Langley, with the characters of TheTin Star.
December 19: A regular release day, and in addition, we'll take $1.00 offthe cover price of any Fling for the remainder of the 12 Days promotion.
December 20: The release of "A Christmas Coming," a Stocking Stuffer set inthe world of Tainted Love by Louisa Trent.
December 21: The release of "Home for the Holidays, a Stocking Stuffer byLaura Baumbach with the characters from her Details of the Hunt.
December 22: The release of "Dinah's Christmas Desire," a Stocking Stufferby Mechele Armstrong with the characters from her Dinah's Dark Desire.
December 23: The release of "I'll Be Hot for Christmas," a Stocking Stufferby Evangeline Anderson with the characters from her The Assignment. And, therelease of "Pretty Red Ribbon," a Stocking Stuffer by Jet Mykles with thecharacters from her Heaven Sent: Heaven.
December 24: The release of "Hell's Bells," a Stocking Stuffer by SheriGilmore with the characters from her Hot House: Dante & Hayley. And therelease of male/male Christmas title, Snow Angel by Sharon Maria Bidwell.
And then, on December 26, Loose Id will hold its annual "What I ReallyWanted for Christmas Sale," a 24-hour special event, in which all e-bookswill be 12% off.Join us for The Twelve Days of Kissmas, and make it a very happy new Year!

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