Sunday, December 31, 2006

I've been so bad...

I've got deadlines out the yin-yang coming up and stories not finished *eek* But instead of working diligently on them, I've been side tracked several times during the past week. Distracted by some great books (oh, and some visits from family, but that's a different story)
But since I've read a handful in my reading binge, I thought I'd recommend several to any who are actually reading this *lol*
Hmmm...where to start...

** "Firebird" by Jaycee Clark from the Talons Series at Samhain Publishing
** "Christmas Cookie" by Elizabeth Jewell at Changeling Press
** "Happy Howlidays" by Isabella Jordan at Changeling Press
** "I'll be hot for Christmas" by Evangeline Anderson at Loose-Id
** "Midwinter's Night" by Michael Barnette at Phaze
** "Fruitcakes" by Renee George at Changeling Press
** "The Power of Two" by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael at Phaze
** "The Jason Factor" by Amelia June at Venus Press
** "A Private Hunger" by Sean Michael at Torquere Press

Let's not forget the print books that I've had on hand and read this month...
** Mistral's Kiss by Laurell K Hamilton
** The Cursed One by Ronda Thompson (The Wild Wulfs of London series)
** Dark Defender by Aleix Morgan
** Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan

They were all great stories and inspiration, no matter how much they distracted me.

I still can't believe that this is the last day of 2006. I hope everyone has a safe New Year's Eve tonight. Remember, don't drink and drive.

Ok, now off to finish the last chapter to "Who Says Three is Crowd"...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Three stages to a man's life...

I'm busy trying to meet deadlines, but thought I'd leave this funny..

Three Stages to a Man's Life...




Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Just starting to relax...again

Well, Christmas is over *whew*. As much as I love Christmas, it can stress me out at times. But I always forget the commercialism of it and remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas and it seems to melt away all my worries. Especially when my husband sit our children down and reads them the True Christmas Story from the Bible.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas. I got a great digital camera that I'm dying to try out :D

Right now I'm working hard on a couple of deadlines that are coming up at the beginning of January so I'm not sure how often I will blog. But I do have my book "Trio of Tales: Erotically Ever After" that is scheduled to be released Jan 19th so I will start promoting that come the New Year (when I'm not out of town that first week) I will also be hosting another contest for a free copy of that book once it's make sure you check back every so often for details.

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

Sharing Santa ~ Day 4

Good morning!!! Got some great news if you LOVE saving money...and who doesn't love saving money?

Phaze Publishing is have a great sale starting in just two days:

Effective only on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, customers can get 50% off on purchases through the Phaze cart using this code : SANTA50

From 12/26 – 12/30, they will get 25% using this code : SANTA25

Make sure you go by Phaze and see their wonderful selection. I know I just got a few bucks...gonna make my list now :D

Ooooh, Santa's getting sexy now *drool*

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sharing Santa ~ Day 3

Ho Ho Ho! It's another day closer. Let's see how far our Santa has gotten ;)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sharing Santa ~ Day 2

Good morning! One day closer to Christmas. Are you done shopping yet, or are you like me and still have a few little things to do? *shuffling nervous feet* So, here's something to inspire...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sharing Santa day 1

Christmas is almost here (and even closer for me since my family is celebrating it on the 23rd) So I thought I'd share my Santa with you the next few days

Have a great day!!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

12 Days of Kissmas at Loose-Id

At Loose Id, we revere all traditions equally, and we wish you each the verybest and most joyful holiday season and new year. But Ids love kisses, so when we sat down to chat with Loowis and Looseyabout Holiday promotions for this year, neither batted an eyelash beforechorusing The Twelve Days of Kissmas.
Our marketing department groaned at the terrible pun, and at the prospect ofcoming up with twelve full days of holiday gifts for our readers, but Loowisand Loosey would not be swayed. The Twelve Days of Kissmas it was.
So, starting December 13 and running through December 24th, Loose Id will berunning 12 special promotions for you. Every day, there'll be special "kiss"excerpts on our Idbits mailing list, and here is a tentative schedule of our12 Days events (sales details subject to change without notice).
December 13: Beginning midday and running through the "What I Really Wantedfor Christmas Sale", 2007 VIP Club memberships will be available at 2006 VIPClub prices.
December 14: A limited number of each of Loose Id's print titles will becomeavailable for sale off the website. Beginning this day and running throughthe end of the 12 Days promotion, print books purchased off our website willbe 5% off.
December 15: Barbara Karmazin and Rachel Bo's stories from last year'sRated: X-mas will be re-released as individual titles. To celebrate, all ofLoose Id's holiday titles will be 5% off starting the 15th and runningthrough the 12 Days promotion.
December 16: Beginning the 16th and running through the end of the 12 Dayspromotion, all LGBT titles will be 5% off, and buyers will be given links tospecial sensual Christmas art by artists Jet Mykles and Anne Cain.
December 17: The second classics title will be released, a combined editionof Cyndi Friberg's reader-favorite Dream Warriors 1-3. To celebrate, all ofLoose Id's series titles will be 5% off starting the 17th and runningthrough the 12 Days promotion.
December 18: Loose Id will release the first of a very special series ofStocking Stuffers, erotic interludes set in some of your favorite worlds:"The Christmas Tree Bargain," by J.L. Langley, with the characters of TheTin Star.
December 19: A regular release day, and in addition, we'll take $1.00 offthe cover price of any Fling for the remainder of the 12 Days promotion.
December 20: The release of "A Christmas Coming," a Stocking Stuffer set inthe world of Tainted Love by Louisa Trent.
December 21: The release of "Home for the Holidays, a Stocking Stuffer byLaura Baumbach with the characters from her Details of the Hunt.
December 22: The release of "Dinah's Christmas Desire," a Stocking Stufferby Mechele Armstrong with the characters from her Dinah's Dark Desire.
December 23: The release of "I'll Be Hot for Christmas," a Stocking Stufferby Evangeline Anderson with the characters from her The Assignment. And, therelease of "Pretty Red Ribbon," a Stocking Stuffer by Jet Mykles with thecharacters from her Heaven Sent: Heaven.
December 24: The release of "Hell's Bells," a Stocking Stuffer by SheriGilmore with the characters from her Hot House: Dante & Hayley. And therelease of male/male Christmas title, Snow Angel by Sharon Maria Bidwell.
And then, on December 26, Loose Id will hold its annual "What I ReallyWanted for Christmas Sale," a 24-hour special event, in which all e-bookswill be 12% off.Join us for The Twelve Days of Kissmas, and make it a very happy new Year!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winners announced

Thank you to all who entered my Celebration Contest. I took all the names for each contest and allowed my woderful sons to draw the winners.

The winner to my blog contest is....


The winner to my website contest is...

Mina Gerhart

Please make sure you send me your snail mail address to so I may get your prizes in the mail as soon as possible.
Again, thank you for participating for all the lovely remarks and encouragement.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Whoo Hoo! It's finally Friday *doing happy dance*
However I just spent a couple of hours with a bus full of 5th graders. Can you say headache?? *lol*

Tomorrow is your last day to enter my contest. Spread the word.

Thought I'd share this funny with you...

10 days til Christmas

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Two days left

There's only two days left to get your entry in for my contests. It ends Saturday the 16th at midnight eastern time. I'll be drawing two names sometime on Sunday.
Good luck!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's only Wednesday

Is it me? Or is this week moving slow? *sigh* Well, I guess it helps since I have so many projects that need completed *ducking head in fear of more being thrown my way*

So, I'm leaving this Christmas funny...

Only three more days left in my contests before I draw two names on Sunday *rubbing hands together*

12 days til Christmas

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another weekend gone

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was very family oriented...oh, and I actually took a few hours and did most of my Christmas shopping. How about you? Have you even started? Or are you one of those who are finished in July? (Never could figure how to do that when I never know what the kids will want 5 months later - their wants change by the day) Well, all I need to get is a few gift certificates and sit down the week and send out cards (I'm way behind this year)

I had hoped to get more writing done, my poor twin story is begging me to work, but time comes first *sigh* And who knows if my "Finding Destiny" will be completed by its deadline *banging head on table*

Don't contest is still going this entire week. Leave your answer to my question here and sign my guestbook at my site.

Here's another Christmas chuckle...

Friday, December 08, 2006

My First Book Cover

I am still doing the happy dance. Yesterday I found that Phaze had finished the Fetish Heat Sheet book covers. Doesn't it look great? Ok, my thing is seeing my name as the author. I hope this joyous feeling stays with me as I get more covers.

Not much is happening today. One of my sons has strep throat so I've put on my nursing cap today :) But I'll leave you with this funny...

16 days shopping days til Christmas

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

Good morning
Thank you to all those who have entered my contests, both here and on my website. I love the comments. So far, so good. It looks like I'm going to have plenty of entries to choose from

I thought I'd drop off this little funny today (I have several I'll be posting until Christmas time) Have a chuckle on me

17 shopping days til Christmas

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Contest begins today!

It's Tuesday, Dec 5th. You know what that means? My Celebration Contest begins *doing happy dance*
Remember, the rules are easy. Go to my site and sign the Guestbook to be entered in the first one. Then answer the question...

Who created my banner?

And leave a comment here on my blog. You will be entered for my second contest. Easy, huh?
(hint...the answer is in one of my previous posts and somewhere on the template of the blog)

The contest will run until the 16th and the drawings will be done on the 17th. The two winners will recieve a lovely gift bag filled with some winter goodies. I will be notifying them by email AND posting the winners here and on my site.

Good Luck!

20 Christmas shopping days left

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's Monday...

It's Monday...again *lol* But honestly I like Mondays. It allows me time to recoup from the weekend. Yes, you heard me, recoup. Husband is off to work and kids are off to school. You know what that leaves me? QUIET!!!! And maybe a little time to write.

Remember, tomorrow starts my contest for this and my website. Make sure you check them both out and get entered.

I was thinking of posting a free story here on my blog, starting after the new year. I would probably post a part every two weeks (still trying to discipline my writing habits). What do you think?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Contract for "At the Edge" at Phaze

It's official and I can now announce my contract at Phaze for "At the Edge" for their Fetish line coming out just in time for Valentine's Day. In fact, the scheduled release date is February 4, 2007. *doing happy dance*

In honor of this announcement, I am having two contests starting Dec 5th until the 16th.

*The first one is easy. Go to my website The World of Rayne and sign my guest book and you are entered. On Dec 17th I'll draw a name. Easy, huh?

*The second contest is here on my blog. You have to answer my question (which is really easy).

Who created my banner?

The answer is here on my blog...actually in two places. You just have to look (what a way to make people read my entries, huh? *lol*) Just leave a comment to this entry and you'll be entered and I'll draw from the names on the 17th as well. Oh, and if you don't have a blogger account, I should have the comments open for anonymous comments. Just make sure you put you name in the comment. If not, I won't know who you are.

The two winners will recieve a lovely gift bag filled with some winter goodies. I will be notifying them by email AND posting the winners here and on my site.

Ok, here's a blurb for "At the Edge", my m/m valentine themed story...

Valentine's Day. A day for lovers. A day for romance. A day for fantasies.

Michael loves Todd, but their relationship has been rocky. Taking a time out from each other, Michael goes to New York with his friends. But on Valentine's night Michael learns the pleasure of living out a long secreted fantasy from someone he'd only dreamed about along with helping Todd fulfill his own hidden fantasy.

Join this couple as they find new heights of pleasure at the edge of ecstasy.

Warning: This story contains male/male relationship, bondage scenes, and menage trio with another male.

Friday, December 01, 2006

NaNo is officially over

*sigh* So how did you do with NaNo? I don't think I did too bad for it being my first time and still learning the art of disciplining myself to write everyday (though my muse protests it)

Finally word count: 30,699

And with that, I have my story "Finding Destiny" over half way completed along with basic outlines of the following three books for the series. I should have it completed by the end of December and ready to send off somewhere. Just not sure where yet until I get the word count and decide how it ends *lol*

24 shopping days 'til Christmas