Sunday, November 26, 2006

Four days of NaNo left

Ok, I'm sooo not going to make 50K this year. I'm only at 26,658 so far and there's only 4 days left :( But this is only my first year and real life really kicked my butt this month...along with an uncooperative muse *lol* There's always next year *being positive here* At least my story is almost done :) along with the idea for the next three books to the series (told you my muse was being uncooperative - instead of keeping with the story, it decided to start mapping out the other books of the series)

So, how do you like the banner? And new blog format? A dear friend Dreaming in Purple made the banner and I love it :) She's so good at art. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to get those little tricks down. I don't think I do so bad...I did the one on my website's calendar...but hers always turns out awesome. Thanks dear *hug*

Hopefully the format will be have. Somehow the right sidebar keeps shifting to below all the posts and on the leftside. I read somewhere that as I add more posts to the blog it should right itself. Let's see if this helps *shrug* If not, please bear with me until I get it fixed. Anyone out there know much about templates? I'm flying blind here (and thankful for google searches *lol* )

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M Barnette said...

I'm rooting for you Marty!

Good luck!