Friday, November 17, 2006

An Awesome Read

Ok, I took a little time off today from NaNo to do a little reading instead of writing (I know, bad me ;)) But I'm going to sit here and do a little plugging for another author (because my life is boring right now and don't really have anything else to say *lol* )

If you haven't read any of Sierra Dafoe's work...then you are missing out! I've read the first two books of her Devarian Trilogy and love it! They are sexy and reviting. I was on the edge of my seat by the end of the second one, "Devarin Uprising". I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the thrid book, along with her newest release, "The Dragon's Daughter". You can find her books at .

I'm done promoting someone else's work *lol*

Everyone have a great day!


Cathie said...

Hi Marty! I'm Cathie, a reader, came by to too say Happy Thanksgiving too!
Oh Sie, has some great stories! I've read her first of her Trilogy and the Jack O' Lantern and have the Dragon to read. I'm not good at remembering names :(

Marty Rayne said...

Thanks for stopping by Cathie :) And Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Oh, haven't read the Jack O'Lantern story yet and want to get the Dragon one. Just got the third of the Trilogy and hope I can read it this weekend

Sierra said...

Oh, wow! Would it be tacky to say "Whee!"? Thanks so much, Marty! I'm glad you're enjoying the Devarians -- there's another one coming in the next few months!

-- Sierra

Marty Rayne said...

Not tacky at all ;) I hope to one day have people enjoying my stories as much as I enjoy yours. And I'll of course be on the look out.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!